Jon Olsson Custom 810HP Rolls-Royce Wraith Coupe

Affectionately called “George the Rolls,” this “slightly” custom Rolls-Royce Wraith coupe is Swedish skier, adventurer, car enthusiast and apparently now, a YouTube star, Jon Olsson‘s latest ride. Jon claims it as slightly custom, but to us, this thing is anything but lightly customized. Really. Just take a look at it. It is not quite recognizable as a Rolls, much less a Wraith, anymore. Hell, it doesn’t even sounds like a Rolls! But all in a good way, of course. Under the hood, the stock V12 twin-turbo motor was massaged to deliver 810 horses by The Netherlands’s Absolute Motors and it was dyno-tested as a proved that it is now a living, breathing 810HP beast.

Well, that’s Jon for you. The Wraith rolls on massive 24-inch wheels, wrapped in appropriate low profile tires complete with “George the Rolls” label on them. Jon’s latest ride is of course wrapped in his now-signature grey shade/white camouflage pattern and the Rolls gets Olsson’s requisite roof rack. The roof rack, in this case, is a special item that adheres to the car’s roof using only magnets and according to the man himself, it totally works (i.e. it didn’t fall off after making over 2,000 kilometers). The car also gets six additional large lights – two on the front grille of the Wraith and four affixed on the roof rack, facing the front, of course, and the customization finally wrapped up with a custom exhaust system from QuickSilver exhaust system.

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There are of course the usual decals and stuff which we never mention, but I would suggest you catch the video to learn more and also see George the Rolls doing some serious burn out.

Image: Jon Olsson.

YouTube via BallerStatus.