You know that feeling of pleasure, joy, and happiness that we all love? – Well that is because of a neurotransmitter known as dopamine that is involved in many functions in our brain. The release of dopamine gives us that good feeling, but the question now is what triggers dopamine release?

Most of us have the same goal of living happily and filled with joy, but this has a lot to do with all the actions we take during the day and the release of dopamine.

So finding what triggers dopamine can help you improve your mood and find an activity that will bring joy and good emotions to your life.

Here are some natural and artificial stimuli that trigger dopamine in our brains.

What Triggers Dopamine?

Pleasurable Experience

Pleasurable events are one of the primary catalysts for the release of dopamine. Dopamine is released in the brain when we take part in fun or rewarding activities, such as taking pleasure in excellent cuisine, having sex, or finishing a difficult assignment.

This encourages us to seek out similar experiences in the future and serves to reinforce the behavior.

A perfect example of this is winning at a casino. Our brains release dopamine when we win at a casino, which can produce sensations of elation and excitement. This is comparable to how our brains react to other pleasurable activities, including indulging in delectable cuisine or engaging in sexual activity.

Winning at the casino, even on online games like you ones that can be found here, might trigger the brain’s reward circuits. These are involved in reinforcing behavior, to be activated in addition to the release of dopamine.

Our brains emit chemicals during rewarding activities that serve to reinforce the link between the activity and the reward. This may inspire us to seek out similar encounters in the future.

Anticipation Of Pleasurable Experience

The anticipation of joyful experiences also causes the release of dopamine. Even before the reward is actually obtained, the mere expectation of one might cause the brain to produce dopamine. This is why when we are anticipating something nice, we frequently sense excitement or anticipation.

In fact, there are many studies that have proven that the anticipation of a pleasurable event in most cases releases more dopamine than the actual event. For example, thinking about winning a jackpot at a casino will inspire your imagination and therefore release dopamine making you feel good.

Drugs Or Substances

Additionally, certain drugs and other substances can cause the release of dopamine. Numerous addictive substances, including cocaine, amphetamines, and opioids, work on the dopamine system of the brain to elicit emotions of reward and pleasure.

While these drugs can have short-term effects, they can also cause long-term dopamine system abnormalities in the brain, which can increase the risk of addiction.

However, not only drugs can cause that effect. Other substances, such as chocolate and coffee are also known to cause the release of dopamine. So, next time you wonder why you can’t stop eating all the chocolates from a box that you were offered you can blame dopamine for that!

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Novelty And Surprise

Finally, novelty and surprise can also trigger dopamine release. The brain is hardwired to seek out new experiences and information, and the discovery of something new or unexpected can release dopamine in the brain. This is why we often feel a rush of excitement when we encounter something novel or unexpected.

This is why surprises always have a positive effect on our brains. Just because we don’t expect anything at a certain moment and we receive a huge positive surprise, our body releases dopamine making us feel good.

In this chapter, we can also include physical attraction. The pleasurable sensation you have when you see, talk or flirt with another human being is due to dopamine release. Both men and women also feel the release of dopamine during sexual relations, since the neurotransmitter is produced for arousal encouragement.

Benefits Of Dopamine

Here are some of the benefits that dopamine brings to the table:


Dopamine plays a key role in motivation and drive, as it helps to reinforce behaviors that lead to rewards. When we engage in activities that are rewarding, our brains release dopamine, which helps to motivate us to continue engaging in these activities.


As mentioned before, dopamine is also involved in the experience of pleasure, as it is released in response to pleasurable experiences such as eating delicious food, having sex, or winning at a casino.

This helps to reinforce the behavior and motivates us to seek out similar experiences in the future. If you feel a rush of blood when you see your significant other or during sexual stimulation that is because dopamine is active in your body.


Dopamine is also involved in attention and focus, as it helps to keep us alert and engaged in our surroundings. 

When we encounter something new or unexpected, our brains release dopamine, which can help to capture our attention and keep us focused on the task at hand.

That is why people with ADHD, a condition known to provoke a constant lack of attention and hyperactivity, are triggered due to the fact that a person has low levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine.


Similar to what was explained before, dopamine is involved in memory, as it helps to consolidate and strengthen new memories.

When we encounter something new or surprising, our brains release dopamine, which can help to form long-term memories of the experience.

Scientists have found that Alzheimer’s disease, which is known to provoke several memory loss, happens due to decreased levels of dopamine in the brain of the individual.

Final Words

In conclusion, dopamine release is triggered by a variety of stimuli, including pleasurable experiences, the anticipation of rewards, drugs, and substances, and novelty and surprise.

Understanding the triggers of dopamine release can help us better understand how the brain’s reward system works and the role it plays in shaping our behavior.

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