Where To Place A Home Security System

With the improving technology, installing a home security unit keeps getting more comfortable. The current market has security units with different installation choices. For instance, you can opt to install a system with wireless CCTV cameras. Another homeowner can settle for wired CCTV cameras.

You can also invest in a unit with smart alarms and door and window opening sensors. Another homeowner can choose a unit with outdoor and indoor cameras, smoke detectors, and video doorbells. All these are some of the features to consider before purchasing a security unit for your property.

But, you’re probably reading this article because you already have a security unit that you wish to install in your home. The best DIY home security system https://securinghome.com/best-diy-home-security-systems/ is easy to install. Nevertheless, you need tips to guide you when placing different features of your unit around your property.

Ideally, the installation of this unit should enable it to protect your property optimally. The proper placement of components like cameras and sensors will allow your security unit to provide maximum surveillance and protection. Consider rooms in your building when placing your unit to ensure full coverage. Below are useful tips for setting a security unit that should guide your decisions and choices.

Camera Installation

Surveillance cameras are arguably the most essential features of a security unit. Every home is unique, and the security needs for property owners vary. However, almost every home should have surveillance cameras in certain places. When installing a security unit, place surveillance cameras in the following places.

Front Door

Some homeowners think criminals use the side entrances to sneak into their homes. But that’s not true. Statistics have shown that up to 34% of all burglars break into homes through the front door. Package burglars will most likely strike through the front door. Therefore, placing a camera at the main entrance will keep footage of anybody that enters and leaves your home. This includes your babysitter and family members, as well as delivery and maintenance people.

Therefore, install video doorbells at your front door. These can work as your primary cameras. When you combine their footage with that of other outdoor cameras, you get a clear picture of anybody that visits or breaks into your home, garage, or yard.

Side and Back Doors

Thieves can quickly enter your residential property undetected using its side and backdoors. That’s because these doors are mostly not monitored. To keep a record of everybody that enters your home, install surveillance cameras to these secondary doors. This is particularly important if you have a side or back door that your family uses more often. A family member can forget to close such an entry, thereby allowing crooks to enter your home easily.

Driveway and Garage

Placing a camera pointing strategically at your driveway and/or garage will enable you to monitor cars, bikes, grills, tools, sports equipment, and anybody that touches them. Installing a camera strategically pointed at your garage is very helpful if it is detached. And if you have an attached garage, a camera provides an extra security layer. This is crucial because your garage can also be an entryway for burglars. If your driveway has a gate, place a camera strategically to spot anybody that attempts to use it to enter your home.

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The Yard

Placing a camera in your yard will enable you to monitor anybody investigating your house from the compound. You can also use your yard camera to capture what animals, intruders, and even children do within your compound.

Common Areas

If you have gathering points, such as the living room, install cameras to monitor your kids’ activities. You can also use these cameras to find out if your babysitter does what is expected of her. What’s more, these cameras can help you monitor what your pets do and the activities of cleaners or even maintenance specialists whenever they visit. When placing your cameras, prioritize common areas with valuables and large windows.

Hallway or Main Stairway

The main thoroughfare should have a strategically placed camera. That way, nobody will easily move about inside your home without being detected. Your cameras will also capture anybody that may break into your home via the bedroom or bathroom unmonitored.

Sensor Installation

Research reveals that smart homes have various sensors that include subsets for temperature, motion, lighting, humidity, appliance use, door use, power consumption, and microphones. Motion sensors are mostly the first defense for a security unit. That’s because they trigger the alarms while directing a feed from the unit to the point of trigger. Usually, intrusion or motion triggers these sensors. Here are effective places to place sensors.

Corner Spaces

Install motion sensors in room corners. Make sure that they point towards the room’s doorways. This ensures that the sensors can detect any motion passing through, thereby triggering the alarm.

Close to Valuables

Place motion sensors strategically at the items you wish to protect. If you run a small business, install sensors near displays or at places with important products. That way, anybody that tries to get close to your valuables will be defected and the alarm will be triggered.

Within Decorations

Make motion sensors part of the household décor. For instance, hide the sensors among knickknacks or family photos. This ensures that no intruder will spot your sensors, and they also won’t interfere with the feel or even look of your home.


Most people don’t bother looking at the ceiling of a home. Placing sensors on your ceilings ensures that no intruder avoids them. Modern sensors can discreetly fit even small spaces.

Where To Place A Home Security System
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Final Thoughts

Security cameras and motion sensors are the essential elements of a security system. As such, their placement is crucial when installing a security unit for your home. Security systems will continue to evolve and have more innovative components as the Internet of Things gain popularity. Thus, the placement of your security unit might change over time. If unable to install a security unit, hire experts to help you. That’s because you don’t want to invest in a good system and then install it improperly so that it ends up not serving its purpose effectively.

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