even though iPhone 4S is just the same design and size as the iPhone 4, it doesn't stop accessory makers from proclaiming...

XtremeMac Tuffwrap Shift Purple-Blue 640x366px
(photos: XtremeMac) XtremeMac Tuffwrap Shift for iPhone 4S | US$29.99 | www.xtrememac.com

even though iPhone 4S is just the same design and size as the iPhone 4, it doesn’t stop accessory makers from proclaiming new cases for the 4S, and among the first to do so is XtremeMac. it has announced a series of cases for iPhone 4S but we are gonna pick one that we find it particularly interesting, if not exciting and that case is the Tuffwrap Shift case. Tuffwrap is a soft line case that features a specially formulated material that changes its color when exposed to heat. that means, as you hold the phone, the heat from your palm will leave, well… a palm print of a different hue on the case.
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of course, the print will vanish when the warm wears off. definitely not for those who are overly sensitive to prints and smug, but for the rest, it should be something pretty novel. made from soft TPU material, the case will conform to the shape of your phone and protects it against elements like dust and dirt, and of course, potential scratches. the Tuffwrap shift comes in a variety of hues that include blue/white, pink/white, purple/blue, grey/white, green/white and orange/yellow. it will retails for $29.99 a pop when it becomes available soon.

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XtremeMac Tuffwrap Shift Pink-White 640x366px

XtremeMac via Gadgetsteria