LEGO moulding machines made out of LEGO, well, kind of

LEGO Moulding Machines 544x348px
(credit: Si-MOCs)

every true blue LEGO fans should make it to the LEGO Inside Tour 2011. why? cos’ you will get to purchase this exclusive LEGO Moulding Machines kit when you tour its Denmark factory. so why should you have this LEGO Moulding Machines set? well, i supposed every LEGO fans would want a piece of the machinery that created those wonderful pieces that has given them hours of building fun and years after years of appreciation – well, assuming you have the space for the collections which i happen to ran out of.

here’s what Joseph, who tipped Boing Boing on this awesome kit said:
[quote style="boxed"]The set consists of two moulding machines, the first was a replica of the original hand operating injector back from 1949. The second, Larger one is copy of the current Moulder that LEGO uses today that … well made the bricks that made this model :)
Each model has working features – the little one can ‘press’ the mould together. Where as the large one has a little slot to put in 1×1 round plates in (or raw abs) , followed by a separate mechanism to ‘press’ the mould together. the little 1×1 round then drops down an incline and into the yellow basket below – where it waits to be whisked off by machines to storage.[/quote]

i guess there’s no need for me to detail where to buy or what’s the price as it is pretty obvious (but really, i don’t know the price).

Flickr via BoingBoing