Sony out new XBA balanced armature in-ear headphones

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Sony new XBA balanced armature headphones 900x515px
(credit: Sony) Sony XBA balanced armature in-ear headphones | from TWD3,000.00 |

we shall not argue if it is a little too overwhelming for Sony to be announcing seven balanced armature in-ear headphones at one go. whatever it is, the announcement means more choices for consumers and what makes it even better is these buds has a price range that covers a broad spectrum of consumer budgets. the range include the entry-level XBA-1 with a single full-range driver, the XBA-2 offers better sounding bass with the incorporation of a woofer, the XBA-3 has what the -2 has but with an additional tweeter, and last but not least, the XBA-4 ranks at the top with four drivers packed into it, including a super woofer. for smartphone users, there are also versions with inline remote and mic as denoted by ‘ip’ suffix in their model number. visually, the XBA-1 to 4 headphones sport little orange dots marked on them, indicating how many drivers are packed into them.
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also announced are the XBA-S65 headphones that offers sweat and water proofing, and adjustable ear loops for those active lifestyle users, the active noise-canceling buds, XBA-85D and as well as, the XBA-BT75 Bluetooth headset – all which are of single-driver variant. these headphones are slated to hit the stores in Asia this November with a price that ranges from TWD3,000 to 14,000 (about US$100 to 470). hit past the jump for more images of these new buds from Sony, courtesy of Engadget.

via CRAVE via Engadget