How to build your own life-size Portal Turret replica

Portal Turret Life-size Replica by Kronos Props 544x360px
(credit: Kronos Props)

so you adore everything Portal? besides creating your own Portal Gun, how about adding a Portal Turret to your collection of DIY replicas? yes, the deadly turret in the game can be yours if you closely follow the lengthy process as shared by one CitizenSnips aka Ryan Palser, an animator in the gaming industry by day and a hobby prop builder by night. Ryan’s creation is not just all looks, it can actually safe guard your room. while it can’t spray bruising pellets or blast out eye-blinding lasers on your intruder, at least its build-in motion sensor with a bunch of electronic circuitry (in which, Arduino is also used) will trigger the Portal Turret to ‘talk’, thus alerting you of anyone trying to sneak up on you while you are intently playing your Portal game.
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so you think you have it takes to create this beautiful machine? then head on down to Ryan’s Instructables’ page for a detailed step-by-step instruction to create your very own Portal Turret or check his awesome build process HERE. oh, before you make the leap, why not check out a short clip of the Portal Turret’s speech in action (and a few more images) after the break?

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