10 Pop Culture-themed 1000-piece Puzzles

Quarantine sucks big time even for introverts if it there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. Besides working at home – if you are lucky enough to have one, you will have some time to burn since bars are out of question and so are almost every good damn public venues. We figured. Puzzle is the ultimate time killer and it uses no technology, just the good old fashion eye power.

Plus, puzzles are relatively inexpensive. If you are convinced that puzzles can help to maintain your sanity during this difficult time, then check out our list of pop culture-themed 1,000-piece puzzles below.

Alien 1000-piece Puzzle

Mondo Alien 1000-piece Puzzle

Artist: Kilian Eng
Property: Alien
The Alien Mondo poster featuring artwork by Kilian Eng may have sold out. Thankfully, you can still get this eclectic poster by putting this puzzle together. The original poster was dropped 4 years ago on Alien Day in 2016.
Price: $20.00
Brand: Mondo

Star Trek 50th Anniversary 3000-piece Puzzle

Aquarius Star Trek 50th Anniversary 3000-piece Puzzle

Artist: Dusty Abell
Property: Star Trek
This puzzle was released to commemorate 50 years of Star Trek. Put together this 3,000-piece puzzle to reveal 123 (!) individual characters from the 79 regular season episodes, plus the pilot. How many can of these characters can you identify?
Price: $34.99
Brand: Aquarius

Gremlins 1000-piece Puzzle

Mondo Gremlins 1000-piece Puzzle

Artist: Matt Ryan Tobin
Property: Gremlins
Description: Perhaps one of the most recognizable horror movies of the 80s that achieved cult status, lovingly interpreted by artist Matt Ryan Tobin. This may be “just” a thousand piece puzzle, but the amount of dark part is going to make it a challenge to piece together.
Price: $19.99
Brand: Mondo

Castlevania 1000-piece Premium Puzzle

Mondo Castlevania 1000-piece Premium Puzzle

Artist: Becky Cloonan
Property: Castlevania
Description: Celebrating the 1986 Famicon/Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) action-adventure horror video game series is this premium 1,000-piece puzzle with artwork by Becky Cloonan.
Price: about $23.95
Brand: Mondo

Jurassic Park 1000-piece Puzzle

Mondo Jurassic Park 1000-piece Puzzle

Artist: Francesco Francavilla
Property: Jurassic Park
Description: Vintage-style Jurassic Park poster created by artist Francesco Francavilla was sold out, but like the masterpiece by Killian Eng, it lives on as a 1,000-puzzle. In fact, the puzzle was out too, but you can still locate it on Amazon. Like, don’t you just love Amazon?
Price: $22.99
Brand: Mondo

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The Iron Giant 1000-piece Puzzle

Mondo The Iron Giant 1000-piece Puzzle

Artist: DKNG
Property: The Iron Giant
Description: 21-year-old feature animation by Warner Bros gets screen printed by L.A. design studio DKNG and made into a Mondo poster. Unlike the posters that were sold almost as soon as they were dropped, this puzzle version of DKNG interpretation of The Iron Giant lives on as a 1,000-piece puzzle.
Price: $19.99
Brand: Mondo

The Thing 1000-piece Puzzle

USAopoly The Thing 1000-piece Puzzle

Artist: Justin Erickson
Property: The Thing
Description: Based on John Carpenter’s The Thing: Infection At Outpost 31 is this Justin Erickson’s visceral rendering of the alien Imitator revealing its true form. It is as grotesque as it is brilliant. If you like all-thing horror, or you are fan of John Carpenter’s works, you will love this strangely alluring illustration by Erickson.
Price: $29.99
Brand: USAopoly

Where’s Bowie? 500-piece Puzzle

Where’s Bowie? 500-piece Puzzle

Artist: Kev Gahan
Property: David Bowie
Description: “Not unlike the lyrical genius of David Bowie, jigsaw puzzles are at times mystifying yet always satisfying. Not only is the Where’s Bowie? Jigsaw Puzzle a fun 500-piece detail-focused puzzle, it’s also a find-Bowie interactive adventure. On the finished eight-by-eight-inch puzzle, hidden in multiple places across the detailed image, Bowie–in his various chameleonic guises–is patiently waiting to be spotted by a well-trained eye. It’s like Where’s Waldo? but, well, better, because it’s about Bowie! This jigsaw is jam-packed with Bowie references that might even teach the most hardened Bowie aficionado a thing or two.”
Price: $10.83
Brand: Smith Street Gift

Hellboy 1000-piece Puzzle

Dark Horse Deluxe Hellboy 1000-piece Puzzle

Artist: Dark Horse x Mike Mignola
Property: Hellboy
Description: Created in collaboration with Hellboy creator Mike Mignola is this deluxe 1,000-piece puzzle featuring characters from Dark Horse’s Hellboy universe. Like, do we even need to say more?
Price: $23.99
Brand: Dark Horse

Tarantino Movie Collage Wooden Puzzle

Logicpuz Tarantino Movie Collage Wooden Puzzle

Artist: N/A
Property: Quentin Tarantino
Description: A collage of most notable Quentin Tarantino movies, ranging from the Reservoir Dogs to Pulp Fiction to Jackie Brown, and all 1,000 pieces are made of wood. It’s Quentin Tarantino and there’s no need to reason why this puzzle is dope. This puzzle is totally kid-friendly even though Tarantino’s movies are not.
Price: $39.90
Brand: Logicpuz