Mongolian Mummy Unearthed in Altai Mountains

It is not breaking news if someone unearthed something but in the case of the mummy excavated from the Mongolian side of the Altai Mountains, it certainly is a mega news. Why? Apparently, the ice-preserved corpse was found wearing footwear that appears to have three stripes. Now, if you are thinking what I was thinking, then you’d gasp in disbelieve and thought “could those be Adidas sneakers that she was wearing?” Well, at a glance, it sure looks like it had the same iconic three-stripe branding used by the German sportswear maker. Surely, Adidas’ branding did not draw its inspiration from an ancient culture, or could it? Nah. That’s completely preposterous.

Anyways, like I said, it won’t be a big news if the said mummy, which was unearthed at more than 9,186 feet (2,800 meters) above sea level, wasn’t 1,500-year-old. That’s fifteen freaking centuries – if you don’t know how old it is. The mummy was found buried along with other artifacts like pillows, cotton coats, iron kettle, and even a sacrificial horse in an ancient Turkik burial site. Anywho, the news, as far as the Internet is concerned, isn’t about the Turkik or a new puzzle piece of humanity’s history; the thing that sets the Internet into frenzy was the three-stripe footwear which, as you might have anticipated, sparks the age-old time-traveling theory.

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Could this lady a person from the future (of her time)? Or did she met a time-traveler who had gifted her the footwear, or it is just pure coincidence? As a person of logic and also considering the quality of the image, I’d say the latter. Now, wipe those time-traveling theory off your head you sci-fi geeks. Time-traveling is nothing but an endless loop of paradox. Cool it, folks.

P.S. I wish time-travel was real. And if it is real and you have a working time-machine, please get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to review your time-machine. Also, I need it to be ‘safety guaranteed’.

P.P.S The Adidas theory is purely the Internet’s, not the archeologists’. Just so you know.

Mongolian Mummy Unearthed in Altai Mountains
Location of where the 1,500 Turkik mummy

Mongolian Mummy Unearthed in Altai Mountains

All images via The Siberian Times

YouTube via RT