just when we thought Apple is going into a product hibernation, but here we are, witnessing an soft attempt to keep its market share alive, well, at least on the portable music player segment. there isn’t any official PR for this (read: probably not an important thing) for this new 5th-gen iPod touch sporting 16GB storage capacity which popped up on Apple online store. perhaps the original duo of 32GB and 64GB capacity are on the high side of pricing that the Cupertino folks decided that a 16GB version would be a more attractive proposition? anyway, that’s just a wild guess. not only did this new iPod touch has a reduced capacity, it also does away with the rear-facing camera, leaving with it the FaceTime HD camera that takes 1.2MP stills and does HD videoing at 30 fps. and it only comes in just one colorway: black and silver as pictured here. other than that, it is still the iPod touch that you delightedly caress during your weekly trip to your local Apple store, featuring an ultra slim (and elongated) form factor with 4-inch Retina display, dual core A5 processor, built-in speaker and microphone, 3.5mm stereo headphone jack and of course, Lightning connector. the 2013 Apple iPod touch 16GB is available as we speak for $229 a pop.

PS: we kind of welcome the 16GB model (i.e. less pricey) and the fact that it is less colorful. in fact, silver and black is totally awesome. what do you think?

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