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Factory-sealed Original iPod Can Be Have For ‘Just’ $19,995 On eBay

Who can forget Apple iPod? The white, rectangular block of gadget with the iconic click wheel pretty much changed how we consume digital music when Steve Jobs introduced it to the world back in July 17, 2002. Years later, with the emergence of smartphones with the ability to play music, the dominance of dedicated MP3 players were eroded. Continue reading Factory-sealed Original iPod Can Be Have For ‘Just’ $19,995 On eBay

2013 Apple iPod touch 16GB

just when we thought Apple is going into a product hibernation, but here we are, witnessing an soft attempt to keep its market share alive, well, at least on the portable music player segment. there isn’t any official PR for this (read: probably not an important thing) for this new 5th-gen iPod touch sporting 16GB storage capacity which popped up on Apple online store. perhaps the original duo of 32GB and 64GB capacity are on the high side of pricing that the Cupertino folks decided that a 16GB version would be a more attractive proposition? anyway, that’s just a wild guess. not only did this new iPod touch has a reduced capacity, it also does away with the rear-facing camera, leaving with it the FaceTime HD camera that takes 1.2MP stills and does HD videoing at 30 fps. and it only comes in just one colorway: black and silver as pictured here. Continue reading 2013 Apple iPod touch 16GB

Apple iPod touch and iPod nano

Apple iPod touch and iPod nano
as far as the Apple September 12 Event goes, we are not entirely thrilled by the new iPhone 5 cos’ we thought what we had witness a few hours ago was merely an official confirmation by Apple on what we have heard and read so far (rumors can be such a spoiler, don’t they?). however, the other two products announced did managed to tickle our fancy. what we are referring to are none other than the new 5th-Gen iPod touch and 7th-Gen iPod nano – both devices sporting an all-new design – inside and out. Continue reading Apple iPod touch and iPod nano

the Apple iPod Touch. no to improvements, yes to white

Apple iPod Touch White 720x412pxbr />(photos: Apple) Apple iPod Touch | from US$199.00 | www.apple.com

unlike the iPhone, the iPod Touch did not receive any significant improvement, if anything at all but it does however comes in the ever sought-after white hue and comes preloaded with iOS 5 so that you don’t have to put yourself through the painful and sometimes, erroneous updating process. i hate it when they ask me to update my iTunes before upgrading but then again, i am being too personal about it. in any case, thanks to the white iPhone fiasco last year, white is a reality for all iDevices and so now you can grab a white iPod Touch without a hitch. Continue reading the Apple iPod Touch. no to improvements, yes to white

Apple unveils next generation iPod Touch & Nano

Apple iPod Touch 544px
just when the world is still gasping over the new iPhone (both the pros and cons about it), Apple introduces the new generation iPod touch (read touch, not itouch) and the iPod nano (i’ve lost count on which generation of nano is at now). the new iPod touch now comes with the goodness carried over from the new iPhone 4, i.e. Retina display, HD video recording, FaceTime et cetera and there’s a new thing called Game Center (which is one of the feature of the iOS 4.1 software update). it also runs on the new A4 processor. which is nice and good news for iPod touch gamers.

Apple iPod Nano 544px
along with touch, there’s a newly designed ipod nano. there are so many generations that i’d lost count. this time the nano comes with Multi-Touch. yeah, you know Multi-Touch? the usual swipe to browse, touch to play stuff and now there’s a home screen with icons in it, which like the Touch and iPhone, you can rearrange them. it is even smaller (width 40.9mm; height 37.5mm; depth 8.78mm) & lighter now, as if it wasn’t already small & light enough, and you can clip nano to your belt now, as in directly with the nano, without any other add-on or cases. oh, there’s accelerometer built into it too. sweet.

review: ONKYO UP-A1 iPod/iPhone dock

when i bought the ONKYO TX-SR507 AV receiver and i knew i would need an iPod dock, if they have any. i chanced upon this sweet little dock on the Official ONKYO website and have been trying to get my hands on it. months later, i found out its availability in Singapore and i wasted no time in getting it. got it from Harvey Norman Singapore @ Funan Digital Lifestyle Mall for less than 100 bucks. i hardly want to talk about build quality but it is good. the unit comes in shiny piano black. frankly, that’s a potential fingerprints magnet but then again, we hardly neat to touch the unit after setting it out. the unit connects to the ONKYO AV receiver via 1.5m long cable with a universal port connector. the dock itself has a little round ‘button’ where you can adjust to suit the different iPods or iPhone you are going to dock with. nice touch.

this unit does support visual interface & supports video playback up to 1080i (known as the extended mode) and photo slides but only on higher series of ONKYO AV receiver, therefore, i can’t comment on the user interface. the beauty of this unit is that it allows user to do basic music control of their iPod/iPhone via the stock ONKYO remote. functions such as scrolling through the albums, forward, next, play et cetera. the lack of interface support for lower end AV receiver can be a minus point. from a far, without visual, users can’t see the songs when scrolling though the menus and songs list. we all know how tiny the iPod screen can be. for those who has the ONKYO SR507 AV receiver might want to reconsider this option, if you desperately need to have a interface. i ended up squatting in front of the unit to do the selection. so much for remote control, huh?

this unit is compatible with most iPod models except for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generations iPods. there’s not much installation to talk about. ‘installation’ is basically plugging in the universal connector to the universal port at the rear of the compatible ONKYO AV receiver – so there you go, the true meaning of ‘plug & play’. usage is simple. just dock your iPod or iPhone and switch your AV receiver to ‘Port’ and you are ready to savor those music jammed in your iPod or iPhone. when docked, the cradle also charges your iPod or iPhone. neat huh? this plug-play-charge at the same time is already kind of a must-have feature in all dock/cradle. As mentioned earlier, this dock does not work with all ONKYO AV receivers. The manual indicated TX-SR507, TX-SR577, TX-SR607 or later models. so those hunting for one of these do take note, and remember if you are those who cannot live with visual, then i would suggest you give this a miss.

Onkyo UP-A1 iPhone/iPod dock - package 544px
Onkyo UP-A1 iPhone/iPod dock 544px
Onkyo UP-A1 iPhone/iPod dock - universal port connector 544px