Introducing the 2024 Roadmaster Elite from Indian Motorcycle, a testament to luxury touring and engineering excellence. As America’s pioneering motorcycle brand, Indian Motorcycle raises the bar with this limited edition masterpiece, blending unparalleled performance with exquisite design.

2024 Indian Motorcycle Roadmaster Elite

The 2024 Roadmaster Elite by Indian Motorcycle, limited to 350 units worldwide, encapsulates the brand’s heritage through an innovative tri-tone Indian Motorcycle Red candy paint scheme, developed in partnership with Gunslinger Custom Paint and Custom Painted Vehicles.

This model, emblematic of the Indian Motorcycle’s pioneering spirit, integrates advanced features such as the PowerBand Audio system with Bass Boost, Pathfinder Adaptive LED Headlight, and a gloss black dash, enhancing both aesthetic appeal and functionality. The vehicle’s design incorporates exclusive Elite badging and a serialized center console, reflecting its unique status.

2024 Indian Motorcycle Roadmaster Elite

Technical specifications include a color-matched, heated, and cooled seat, contributing to rider comfort across varying conditions, and backlit switch cubes for improved visibility of hand controls. The inclusion of 10-spoke Precision Machined wheels complements the vehicle’s sophisticated design.

Additional elements such as a tinted flare windshield, black passenger armrests, and an electronically adjustable windshield underscore the model’s focus on providing a premium touring experience.

The Roadmaster Elite’s assembly at Böllinger Höfe, characterized by net carbon-neutral manufacturing processes, underscores Indian Motorcycle’s commitment to sustainability.

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If anyone’s interested, the new 2024 Roadmaster Elite by Indian Motorcycle is available in the U.S. with a starting price of US$41,999.

2024 Indian Motorcycle Roadmaster Elite
2024 Indian Motorcycle Roadmaster Elite

Images: Indian Motorcycle.

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