Good news for roadster enthusiasts! Mazda has updated its beloved, iconic open-top sports car, MX-5 aka the Mazda Roadster aka Eunos Roadster. For the uninitiated, the Mazda is still referred to as the MX-5 in North America, in the U.K., and many parts of the world. But in Japan, it is just known as the Mazda Roadster. If you don’t know, now you know.

2024 Mazda MX-5 Roadster

Anyhoo, we will still refer it to as the MX-5 because we are outside of Japan. Moving on… the new 2024 Mazda MX-5 Roadster debuted at the ongoing Japan Mobility Show (formerly Tokyo Motor Show) with a subtle exterior design change. As before it is offered in two variants: the Roadster (soft top model) and Roadster RF which is the retractable hard top model.

The 2024 Mazda MX-5 brings several enhancements to the iconic sports car. It features a new LED headlight design with integrated daytime running lights and redesigned rear LED lights. A new Aero Grey paint color is added to the lineup. Inside, drivers will find a larger 8.8-inch touchscreen multimedia display, an updated instrument panel, and USB-C ports. The MX-5 retains its driver-focused cabin and driving position.

The Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) track driving mode has been fine-tuned for a more dynamic driving experience, with improved throttle response and enhanced steering feel. The 2.0-liter manual models come with a front strut brace, limited-slip differential, and Bilstein dampers as standard.

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2024 Mazda MX-5 Roadster

Speaking of engines, as before it is offered in two engines, namely, SKYACTIV-G 1.5 and SKYACTIV-G 2.0, paired with a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission (6EC-AT), and in an FR layout (front engine, rear-wheel drive). The 1.5L motor produces a decent 132 PS (130 HP) while the 2.0L puts out a respectable 184 PS (181 HP). We don’t have any performance numbers. Then again, MX-5 is never about performance numbers.

Over in Japan, it is offered in multiple trims. Depending on if you elect the 1.5 or 2.0 model, there are the S, NR-A, S Special Package, S Leather Package, VS, R.S., and more. Tbh, I do not like all the trim selections. It just confuses consumers. But that’s just me.

The 2024 MX-5 also introduces an Asymmetric Limited Slip Differential for improved stability during cornering. Additional safety features, such as Lane-Keep Assistance and Intelligent Speed Assistance, are now available on all models. Traffic Sign Recognition has been updated for better signage recognition.

2024 Mazda MX-5 Roadster

The Mazda MX-5 continues to prioritize driver engagement and agility, staying true to its Jinba Ittai philosophy of harmony between driver and machine.

Prices in the U.K. have not been announced. Availability in the States is not firm. Meanwhile, in Japan, the new 2024 Mazda Roadster will see a price bump. It has a starting price of 2,898,500 Yen [JP] (roughly US$19,298), which is a 209,000 yen (about US$1,392) price hike over the old price.

Images: Mazda [JP].

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