28th Century Spacecraft Lexus SKYJET

Honda may have jet aircrafts now, but competing automaker Lexus just up the ante by dishing out a spacecraft. Ok, we exaggerated. It is not quite a real spacecraft per se, but a fictional one that will appear in Luc Besson upcoming sci-fi blockbuster Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. In fact, this spacecraft has a couple of fleeting moments in the teaser trailer released earlier in November. At 0:39 mark, a pair of the Lexus-branded spacecraft can be seen in the background and at 1:17 mark, one of the pursuit craft can be seen zipping through the space.

28th Century Spacecraft Lexus SKYJET
What to have a go with this? Maybe in 700 years time, you could. Just maybe…

The fictional spacecraft, called SKYJET, is a single-seat pursuit craft, which will see some action in the sci-fi flick, is not so much of a look into Lexus’ future. I mean, surely they can’t be serious about making a spacecraft with wings when there isn’t any aero in space for them to be of any use, right? And don’t get us started with air intake where air is virtually non-existence in the deep of space.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Trailer
Can you spot the Lexus in this screengrab?

Anywho, the fictional flying contraption was designed in collaboration with the Valerian creative team and incorporates “believable imaginative technologies and contemporary design cues” and also, it happens to sport an adaptation of Lexus’ current signature “spindle” grille on the nose, slapped with Lexus branding (naturally), flanked by a pair of headlight that shares a similar design with the 2018 Lexus LC coupe. What a way to market a new ride, eh?

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28th Century Spacecraft Lexus SKYJET
Didn’t we say “fleeting”?

But this isn’t the first time Lexus has been involved in putting a vehicle into a sci-fi flick. As far as we can recall, 2002 Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report was the first which the Japanese luxury automaker designed a concept car called Lexus 2054 specifically for the movie. Though, admittedly, a spacecraft is the first for Lexus and probably the first for any automaker. You can relive the awesome teaser trailer below.

Images courtesy of Lexus.

Lexus via New Atlas