Bigfoot Is Finally Proven To Be Fake

As mankind is exploring the next frontier, there are still boatloads of mysteries that have yet been solved, right here on planet Earth. One such mystery that top the world’s mysteries chart is no doubt Bigfoot or otherwise known as Sasquatch, the legendary and almost mythical simian that said to roam certain forests. The speculation of Bigfoot started long before Internet became a thing. It all began when some folks purportedly captured a footage of the elusive hairy ape-like creature walking along a northern California river bank towards the forested area.

The recorded footage only lasted for seconds, but it left a lasting impression on people’s minds and since then, for nearly five decades, mankind have been intrigued by this mysterious bipedal creature and debate on its existence never stops, but today, the much talked about Patterson-Gimlin footage is finally getting a closure. Today, the infamous footage is dismissed, “officially”, as a hoax – an arguably elaborate one, considering the time it was made (it was 1967, btw).

The case was put to rest by renowned Bigfoot researcher (apparently, its a thing) and producer of Hoax of the Century Tom Biscardi, who presented “testimony from those involved in staging the film, providing decisive evidence that the footage was not of some unexplained and mysterious natural being, but of a man in a suit,” according to the official press release. So, they actually found the person who wore the suit and if that’s not enough to convince you, they even found the person who sold the suit too. Notwithstanding the “evidence,” I am sure naysayers will most certainly dismiss this as yet another conspiracy theory (time to don your tin foil hat) to cover up the existence of Sasquatch.

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The investigative report, which lasted for 2 hours, was streamed online on Searching For Bigfoot’s website. Ok, North California or whichever states with the same claim, time to remove the sign that says “Home of the Bigfoot.” Wait, were there signs that says that?

Image: Matabo Entertainment.