Toyota And Joby Aviation Sets Sight On Urban Air Mobility With eVTOL Aircraft

The aerospace industry must be feeling the heat of competitions. In addition to “traditional” competitors, aerospace companies now have deal with automakers getting into the business of flying too. The latest to join the short range air superiority race is Japanese automaker, Toyota.

This Is Airbus’ Experimental Electric Aircraft, It Is The Future Of Aviation

While Tesla Motors is making headway in bringing electric vehicles to the masses, aircraft maker Airbus is also working towards the vision of eventually replacing fossil-based aviation fuel. Airbus E-Fan project started back in 2011 with the goal of developing more energy efficient aircraft in line with European Commission’s aim of minimizing aircraft CO emissions, […]

Garmin Introduces Premium Aviation GPS Smartwatch, D2 Bravo Titanium

What are the odds of you having to pilot an aircraft right after a boardroom meeting and a round golf in your local, prestige golf course? We’d say it is extremely rare, but if in case you need to, Garmin has just the right timepiece for you. In fact, it is more than just an […]

Helgray Hornet is an Aviation-inspired Timepiece, Has Second Chapter Ring for 2nd Time Zone

Not everyone is rich enough to own a true-blue aviation timepiece, much less a real fighter jet, but thanks to an industry disruptor, Helgray, you can own a beautiful, aviation-inspired timepiece without wiping out your savings. Unfortunately, though, Helgray does not make aircraft and so, this young Canadian watchmaker’s latest timepiece, Hornet, is as close […]

Love Aviation? Then You Will Love These Aviation-inspired Backpacks from Moreca Atelier

If you love jet aircraft and appreciate the subtle associate between everyday objects with this arguably world’s greatest invention, then we bet you will dig Kiev-based Moreca Atelier’s aviation-inspired backpacks, namely Aviator PH-1 and Aviatrix PH-2. Drawing inspiration from air travels and the image of a magnificent aerial machine, the Lockheed Super Constellation aka ‘Connie’, […]

AMRC Aviation 3D Printed UAV

what can you do in one day? fly fishing for the first half and perhaps, jet skiing for the rest? or for some it is just another day at the desk, but for the folks at University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Center (AMRC), one day is all it takes to start from nothing and arrive to…

Lehmann Aviation LA100 Version2 UAV

flying an RC aircraft used to be a challenge of technical skills, which means many avid aerial photographers and videographers will probably miss out on opportunities of getting awesome aerial shots, but then comes along the LA100 which kind of makes piloting a thing of the past. that was about a year and half ago.

Limited Edition Bell & Ross Aviation Watch

It’s always an exciting time when luxury watchmakers release a limited edition watch and there is an absolute belter just reaching us now courtesy of French / Swiss brand Bell & Ross and one of the UK’s leading independent luxury watch retailers, The Watch Gallery. A brilliantly designed piece, the Bell & Ross BR 03-51

Lehmann Aviation LA300 UAV

you heard about the prowess of the camera onboard the Nokia 1020, but we bet you didn’t know you could harness that 41MP awesomeness for aerial photography as well. amazingly, you can with the new Lehmann Aviation LA300 UAV. the LA300 is officially, the world’s first drone to utilize a smartphone’s high resolution camera for capturing high definition

Lehmann Aviation LA100 UAV

dreaming of taking your videography and/or photography to a new height but don’t have budget to engage a pilot (and an aircraft) to do so? well, we have good news for you: the Lehmann Aviation LA100 UAV might just be what you are looking for. priced at €990 a piece (about US$1,280), this sleek piece of videographer / photographer toy is touted as the first flying platform for…