Corsair Platform:6 Modular Computer Desk Is Futureproof Table For Any Computer Users

If you have DIY PC since the mid-90s, you may be familiar with the name Corsair. The American tech company best known for computer memories and power supply units has since expanded to include other PC components, gaming gear, and even gaming PCs – laptops included. Now, it has added another unexpected product to its …

AOHi Modular Extension USB-C Cable Set: Create The Cable Length You Need

Until the day morphing length cable is a reality, owning multiple USB cables of different lengths is somewhat of a necessary evil. The AOHi Modular Extension USB-C Cable Set is exactly the latter but with a modular twist. It is a mix-and-match cable set that lets you form the length that you need.

Proposed LEGO Ideas IKEA Store Modular Set: We Promised You Won’t Be Lost In There

IKEA has already collaborated with LEGO, and so a proposed LEGO Ideas set of an IKEA Store is more plausible than say the Milwaukee Art Museum (which, unfortunately, was not shortlisted in 2020) if it gets 10,000 support. And so yes, someone has proposed a LEGO set based on an IKEA store.

Fairphone 4: Modular Design, Upgradeable, Repairable, And Now Fast Too

Remember Fairphone? The phone that promised to be sustainable through upgradeability, and repairability? Well, the Dutch company really lives up to its promise by releasing the 4th-gen device only two years after the last. Though sooner than it was between Fairphone 2 and Fairphone 3, it is still quite a long period by today’s standards.

Playmaji Polymega HD Modular Game Console Is The Ultimate Retro Gaming Console

You can still buy video game consoles of yesteryear to play your favorite games from the 80s and 90s. But the problem is, the games you love may be from different consoles. The solution to this is, obviously, an emulation-base game system, but there is also another problem. None of those support disc-based games of …

DJI Action 2: Action Camera Goes Modular, Magnetic, And Wearable

The design of action cams appears to follow an unspoken standard set by the grandaddy of action camera, GoPro. Even the veteran electronics maker, Sony, does not stray far from it. However, in recent years, a handful of makers have started to think differently and the latest to bring about the change is DJI Action …