a cool washbag reclaimed from fire hoses, parachute silk

Fire Hose Washbag 544x308px
(image credit: ahalife) Fire Hose Washbag | US$30.00 | www.ahalife.com

when you travel or hit the gym, you probably would be bringing a little bag to contain your shampoo, colognes, shower gel et cetera. here’s one neat washbag (aka toiletries bag) that’s going to let you do it in style. British duo, Elvis & Kresse collects used fire hoses from fire brigades around U.K., cleans them and hand it over to their crack team of leather workers who cut and stitch them into this one-of-a-kind washbag.
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upcycling doesn’t stop there, the interior is lined with reclaimed military-grade parachute silk and each bag has lettering and numbers which designate the origin of the firehouse it was made from. you get your chic Fire Hose Washbag for just $30. definitely not an expensive way to stand out, even in the men’s room.

Fire Hose Washbag 544x308px

ahalife via Cool Material

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