a film roll that holds 4GB of photos, well, it’s a USB Film Roll

USB Film Roll 544x368px
(image credit: Photojojo) USB Film Roll | US$20.00 | photojojo.com

you never thought that a film roll will be able to hold more than just 24 or 36 photos, do you? the fact is, it can but in the form of USB Film Rolls. we have seen some pretty neat and novel USB flash drives (aka Thumb Drives) but this is probably one drive that will put a smile on all photography-geeks’ face. as you can see, it is a USB flash drive stuck to a real expended canister from the photo labs. awesome, eh?
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a fun fact about about these 4 GB storage capacity USB flash drives: since they are recycled from the film labs, you will never know what ‘brand’ of the film canister you will get. the USB Film Rolls cost $20 a pop and are available now from Photojojo. too bad you can’t actually stick this in your camera but we’d give it five stars for the novelty factor.

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USB Film Roll 900x600px USB Film Roll 900x600px USB Film Roll 900x600px USB Film Roll 900x600px USB Film Roll 900x600px

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