the return of the ClamCase: The Trooper Limited Edition

ClamCase The Trooper Limited Edition 544x308px
(image credit: CLAMCASE) CLAMCASE The Trooper Limited Edition ClamCase | US$149.00 |

we have seen how ClamCase can transform your iPad into netbook-like computer. now, if black isn’t your cup of tea and your life is wholly inspired by Star Wars, ClamCase has just the case for you. dubbed the The Trooper Limited Edition ClamCase, this item is basically similar to the original ClamCase except for a new Imperial white paint job. The Trooper features a black hinge, keyboard, base and ergonomic rubber feet and will be available in limited quantities. its slated for release this summer and will retail for $149, a $30 premium over the original ClamCase.
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The Trooper Limited Edition ClamCase is the first in ClamCase’s ‘Inspired Series’ and will fit both the original iPad and iPad 2. there is supposed to have a product intro video on YouTube but was removed “due to a copyright claim by Marvel Entertainment.” if any ‘infringement’, shouldn’t it be Lucas Film be the one to be asking for the removal? however, we haven’t watch the video to make any judgement.

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