a more faster way to digitize your old photographs

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(credit: Hammacher) The Desktop Photograph to Digital Picture Converter | US$99.95 | www.hammacher.com

before the popularization of digital photography that nearly kill off analog photography, we captured our memories on film and developed them in prints. these days, i hardly print any photos. everything i captured are either on my computer or external storages. so it will be cool to convert those old time prints into digital copies before they turned into dust. scanning is not new but scanning the prints piece by piece is a mammoth task and could take ages especially for a person who has decades of memories in prints.
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now there’s a faster way to capture your printed photographs into digital copies with the Desktop Photograph to Digital Picture Converter. quite a mouthful, but its speed in capturing is nothing near mouthful. using a 5 MP CMOS sensor as found in digital cameras, this nifty gadget instantly records the image in either JPEG or TIF format to your computer via the included USB cable. it can capture up to 600 dpi resolution (3,600 x 2,400 pixels), and has automatic exposure control and color balance.

the Desktop Photograph to Digital Picture Converter comes with software to help you in editing, cropping, and resizing pictures. it will work with both Mac and PC, and can accept a variety of print sizes. the Desktop Photograph to Digital Picture Converter retails for $99.95 which is not much more expensive than a conventional scanner but offers a dedicated quick solution to an otherwise dreadful task. the Desktop Photograph to Digital Picture Converter is available on Hammacher Schlemmer online store.

Hammacher Schlemmer via Baller House

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