a trip to BMW World Singapore (Photos)

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BMW World Singapore (Nov 9th – 14th) opens its door today at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. the BMW World Singapore is the Asia’s largest showcase of BMW innovation, design and heritage. we were there too, just to have a first hand glimpse of the BMW GINA Light Visionary, a concept that is completely clad in a flexible fabric skin which can change its shape with a touch of a button. also on showcase was BWM iconic (heritage) trio, namely the BMW 507, the BMW Z1 and the BMW Z8.
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the BMW X3 also made its Asia Premier here in Singapore (on display was the X3 xDrive35i). BWM motorcycles were on display too, among them was the S 1000 RR. other highlights include the BMW Concept 5 Series Active Hybrid and the BMW innovation corner. the innovation corner feature the newest technology from BMW, such as the speed-limit ‘reading’ ability technology. there was another interesting innovation where the BMW car would self-dignose and send the info to the BMW service center. the center upon reviewing the info, will contact the owner and info him/her that certain part needs to be replaced or serviced. interesting but kind of creepy. don’t you think so?

check out the photos below and more photos HERE.

BMW World Singapore img01 544px
the show ground with the GINA taking center stage
BMW World Singapore img02 544px
more of the show ground...
BMW World Singapore img03 544px
starting off with the heritage corner
BMW World Singapore img05 544px
the heritage corner...
BMW World Singapore img06 544px
BMW GINA Light Visionary
BMW World Singapore img07 544px
BMW 5 Series Active Hybrid
BMW World Singapore img08 544px
BMW X3 xDrive35i
BMW World Singapore img09 544px
BMW S 1000 RR
check out more pics HERE.

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