The world’s not the safest place to be now. In addition to beefing up your home, your ride should be able to take the blunt when you are out on the roads. This is where AddArmor comes in.

AddArmor Mobile Safe Room Armoring

Armoring up a regular car isn’t new, but more often than not, it costs hundreds of thousands. AddArmor, however, envision putting a “Mobile Safe Room in ever garage” with affordable armoring packages.

The company is doing so with so-called “Mobile Safe Room Armoring” packages, custom fit for any vehicle with AddArmor Anti-intrusion Protection packages with a starting price of US$28,000.

The vehicle can be any regular’ol vehicle, be it a family car, a work vehicle, or an automobile that has just rolled out of the factory.

AddArmor Mobile Safe Room Armoring

Anti-intrusion Protection protects its occupants from blunt attacks and small arms with bullet resistant, shatter-proof glass aka ballistic glass and custom fit ballistic protection panels in each door and hatch.

The most basic of the former is capable of stopping subsonic rounds such as those from 9 mm or .44 magnum from penetrating and sustain prolonged physical attacks from blunt objects.

The ballistic protection panels feature multiple layers of resin-based fibers to slow down and absorb incoming projectiles to stop it from penetrating into the cabin.

AddArmor Mobile Safe Room Armoring
Even a Tesla can be armored up.

In event you require more protection, the company also offers more comprehensive protection with the Full Protection and the Executive Armored Protection.

You can learn more about Anti-intrusion Protection package as well as other packages over at

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