Humans have been reaping the benefits brought about by tech developments and if the old adage of dog’s man best friend is true, shouldn’t fido be enjoying these tech developments too? We are not talking about letting your furry friend use a smartphone. That would be ridiculous. We are talking about getting him or her a high-tech collar, such as this one from DogTelligent, simply known as All-in-One Smart Dog Collar, that would enable you, his or her best friend, easier to manage and monitor your precious pet. This seemingly nondescript but yet sleek collar of anodized aluminum is loaded with tech including Bluetooth technology, WiFi, GPS, Cellular communication, accelerometer, ambient temperature sensors, ultrasonic micro-speaker, micro-speaker and microphone – all wrapped in a rugged construction that’s both water and shockproof.

All-in-One Smart Dog Collar by DogTelligent
A rendered image of the Smart Dog Collar

These tech allows you to train, track and manage your dog’s health, activity and even safety. It also comes standard with humane anti-barking feature and allows you to create a virtual fence so you will be in the know if your poor goes beyond the set zone. There is also a patent-pending Virtual Leash technology that lets you ‘leash’ the dog without actually having a physical leash. This allows the dog to roam freely within a safe distance and if the set threshold is exceeded, a combination of whistle tones, vibrations and a simulated tugging on the leash will help to keep the dog within the distance. Tracking is comprehensive too, leveraging on three wireless tech, namely Bluetooth, WiFi and Cellular technology, to keep you informed of the dog’s location, while embedded LED lights help you spot them even in low light conditions.

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It is also a training assistance too, allowing you to dish out commands like sit, stay, down through the companion app. Finally, there is the health and activity monitor that will keep you in the know of the dog’s wellbeing and activity level, which you can share directly with your dog’s vet. The collar uses electromagnetic with failsafe unlock when battery runs flat or the collar is being directly pulled, and packs a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that’s good for up to 4 days per charge. Well, what can we say? The All-in-One Smart Dog Collar sure sounds like a dream come true for dog owners. If you are convinced that it is what you and your pooch needs, then you may want to consider pre-ordering it off Indiegogo for $120. Delivery is set to start in August 2015.

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