a router is generally not the coolest ‘showoff gadget’ to any geeks – usually most folks can’t wait to it stash away, out-of-sight and still hope it will maintain its signal while being banished to some forsaken corner of the home. however, the Almond+ AC Touchscreen WiFi Router + Smart Home Hub from Securifi might change that perception. for starter, black won’t be the only color it will comes in (much to the relieve of style-conscious geeks like us) and secondly, it has a 2.8-inch touchscreen built into it that allows for necessary configurations to be done the router – a feature that truly showcase what post-PC era really means. apart from being intuitive to use and looking awesome, the Almond+ is equipped with the latest wireless protocol, the 802.11ac standard, for high speeds over 5GHz and on top of that, it features Zigbee and Z-Wave integration for home automated control. the latter allows you to include compatible Zigbee or Z-Wave products such as door sensor, lighting control, thermostat et cetera, and manipulates them directly via the wireless router’s UI. as you might have expected, these controls are synced to the cloud and also accessible via a free iOS and Android app, thus making them the perfect low-cost home automation solution.

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aesthetically, the Almond+ is one wireless router that begs to be displayed and for that it comes with an option to either table- or wall-mount the device, and a unique recessed connector area that houses a USB port, five Gigabit Ethernet ports and one power supply port, helps keep the inevitable clutter out of sight. the Almond+ is currently on Kickstarter and it can be yours for a pledge of $99 or more. as with any Kickstarter project, the deal will only goes through if the funding goal is reached which, frankly, we don’t see why it won’t achieved that cos’ it is already 70% funded and still, it has 40 more days to go. though, you have to be wary that product delivery will be months away from now (in September, to be precise). anyway, a helpful pledge video is available after the break to convince you why the Almond+ AC Touchscreen WiFi Router + Smart Home Hub is for you.

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