Altec Lansing Stealth Turntable with Bluetooth Speakers

Audio format has come a long way. From the first known type of recording media, Phonautogram, to the short-lived minidisc to compact disc, it seems change brought about by better technology is inevitable, but there’s a format that somehow stood the test of time: vinyl. With UK vinyl sales topping 25-year high, it looks like the vinyl is not about to be ousted anytime soon and that’s enough reason for audio equipment maker Altec Lansing to jump onto the turntable bandwagon. Yep. Altec Lansing is going to sell you a turntable later this year.

Dubbed Stealth, this Altec Lansing’s wax player has an interesting twist: it comes with a pair of 50 watt speakers and they are Bluetooth-enabled too, so you could use them with your computer or mobile devices to stream audio or watch movies for times when putting on a vinyl is deem too much of a work. Also, it has a hexagonal platter. Hmmm… Unfortunately, the turntable don’t appear to be Bluetooth-enabled to take advantage of the speakers’ wireless functionality, but hey, why ruin the pristine sound of a vinyl with wireless streaming, right? Right?

As with most Altec Lansing’s consumer products, don’t expect anything high-end, but nevertheless, you will still find all the basic features that makes a turntable ticks, including two-speed motor supporting 33 1/3 and 45 RPMs, along with a switch for speed selection, a built-in preamp, and of course, an audio jack for hooking up the included speakers. As far as output is concern, that’s about it which, to be honest, is what you really need. It is turntable for god’s sake. What else does it need? Certainly not wireless transmission, imho.

According to TechCrunch, the rig is of plastic built and plastic being plastic is not something you’d expect audiophile sound, but seriously, at $199 with a pair of Bluetooth speakers as standard issue, one can’t really expect more, can you?

Image: Altec Lansing.

via TechCrunch