Good news, fans of crowdfunded products. Now, there’s no more worrying if you miss out certain campaigns, because some of these successfully funded products are on Amazon. The online retail giant has taken Kickstarter Collection under its Launchpad’s wing which, for starter, boasts over 300 Kickstarter products across five ‘themes’, including STEM Products, Always Be Learning, Exquisite Objects, Inventing The Future, and Public Benefit. For the uninitiated, Amazon Launchpad was launched a year ago as an incubator of sort to help startups and other creators to launch, market, and distribute their products to folks around the world.

Creators will be able to leverage on Amazon’s comprehensive marketing support, as well as access to the online retail giant’s global fulfillment network, and as buyers, it means you have more things to buy and acquire stuff that you may have missed out when they were being crowdfunded. Also, this initiative will give more assurance buyers more assurance that the products are real cos’ we we all know, though popular, crowdfunding is plagued less than favorable reputation. Anyways, it is worthy to note that the prices may not be the same as those offered during the campaigns, which often are discounted. Nonetheless, it is a win for both buyers and creators.

Amazon Launchpad is no doubt a good avenue for merchants and opens up their products to the international community where more money lies await. Amazon Launchpad Kickstarter Collection is live as we speak, so time to get dizzy with the myriad of interesting products available for your taking without having to wait for too long, well, mostly.

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