Third-party Reviews for Promotion in Digital Industries

It is no secret that customers are more likely to buy from a brand that has been recommended through word of mouth. In the digital age, getting your product out into the world and reviewed is tricky. One bad comment and it can all come tumbling down. Yet just a few of the right ones can transform your operation.

Third-party Reviews for Promotion in Digital Industries
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However, with third-party reviews and promotions, industries and companies that operate digitally have cracked the code on how to get customers to trust them. The online casino industry is one of these, which has honed the art of third-party marketing to perfection. Below, we discuss how you can adapt and use some of the valuable lessons from these businesses.

Websites And Apps

Third-party reviews will always work best in conjunction with other marketing elements. For example, you may decide to combine them with incentives for new customers, or daily offers for those who come back. The daily free spins used by many top sites are a great idea, as they keep customers returning to the site to use its services again. Very often, you find them combined with attractive welcome offers to get people through the door. You may even keep these offers for people who have left reviews on Google and other sites.

Once you have your other elements in place, you can begin to concentrate on getting your third-party reviews. The most obvious place to start is with the aforementioned online review sites. Some of these, like Google Business, are useful for all sectors. Yet others like Just Eat and Tripadvisor may only apply to their respective industries.

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Don’t spread yourself thin when trying to improve your ratings. Only concentrate on one or two at a time. If you have a whole list of sites and apps you are asking customers to rate you on, they will think it is too much of a task and forgo it.


Third-party Reviews for Promotion in Digital Industries
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A testimonial is a comment from a customer or other business about how good your service is. The trick with them is to space them out, instead of showing them all in one place at the same time. For example, you may have one on the front page of your website, then another elsewhere, and a different one for leaflets.

Testimonials can come from many different places. You may have won awards or been nominated for industry awards which also act as a testimonial. Most online casinos will have these proudly displayed front and center, along with any certifications or regulatory bodies they are a part of. You can do the same if you are in a trade body or have been part of any events.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of getting a website or online individual to review your product or service. When a customer follows their recommendation, the affiliate marketer gets a cut of the profit. This can work extremely well, as good affiliate marketers only get to where they are by being honest and building a loyal following. This means that your product does need to be on point before you find marketers to help.

Getting hold of them is easier than you may think. You can either search for them online or look for those who review products in your niche. If this sounds like a lot of work, then some websites will help connect you with the right ones easily.

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