Movies that find itself as games like Monopoly and UNO usually are box office smash hits, but thanks to Barry & Jason Games and Entertainment, not-so-smash-hit-but-still-pretty damn awesome movie, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (DreamWorks Pictures, 2004), is getting its own game too.

Anchorman: The Game by Barry & Jason

This is no fake news. Anchorman: The Game is real and it is currently being funded on Kickstarter where you can score a copy for as low as $26. But that’s only a reality if it meets its funding goal or more before the campaign ends in 20 something days. Here’s the gist of the game:

Anchorman: Te Game, Improper Teleprompter is an adult party game where you sabotage the other anchors’ news stories to try and make them laugh. If they laugh, you score. If they keep a straight face, they score. Whammy!”

Anchorman: The Game by Barry & Jason

The premise of the game took advantage of Ron Burgundy’s susceptibility to read whatever pops up on the teleprompter, regardless of how strange or inappropriate, and thus triggering a series of hilarity.

The game is designed for 2-8 players of ages 17 and up. Each game includes 8 player cards, 120 news stories, a “Sex Panther” timer, 25 Whammy cards, 48 magnetic score tokens, and 600 magnetic words and phrases.

It sure sounds like fun, but perhaps with the fixed number stories, I am afraid it may get stale pretty quickly – unless you only play the game like a couple of times a year. Just saying… Anywho, if you are sold by the idea, you may want to check out the camping on Kickstarter to learn more this new fun game.

Anchorman: The Game by Barry & Jason

Images: Barry & Jason Games and Entertainment.

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