Apparels with Inbuilt Cooling Fans

As it turns out, Sony’s “wearable air conditioner” is possibly an evolution of Japanese answer to increasing hot summer. A company by the name of Kabushikigaisha Kuchofuku in Itabashi ward, Tokyo, was first to pioneer cooling jacket with inbuilt fan as far back as 2004.

However, the product was originally intended for workers. Fast forward to today, jackets with inbuilt fans have been picked up by a few other manufacturers like Burtle Co. and Workman Co..

Apparels with Inbuilt Cooling Fans
Credit: AFP.

While this seemingly weird fashion contraption has gained popularity in workplaces like construction and logistics sites, the unforgiving summer heat in recent years have prompted companies to design versions that’s more trendy and suited for use outside of workplaces. Such is the Japanese resolves to tackle the unbearable heat.

The premise is simple. It is a somewhat typical Japanese workplace jacket with two removable fans around the back and an inner pocket to hold a battery pack that powers the fan.

According to a report, the battery is good for 8 hours of use per charge. But this being a Japanese ingenuity, the jacket is not the everyday Japanese work wear; it is specially designed to allow air flow to purge from areas like the collar and wrist, and thus achieving the sweat wicking and cooling effect.

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But such cool outerwear (pun very much intended) does not come cheap. It will set you back at 15,900-22,000 Yen, or about US$150-200+. Obvious cooling boon asides, we are not quite sure if those fans will create a ding or not. Probably not? I don’t know. I curious to find out.

Anywho, the casual line from Burtle is available in a variety of style including short sleeves models, as well as vest. Check out Burtle’s Spring/Summer catalog for more.

Featured image: Majestex Trade/Kazuya Kibayashi.

Source: asia one.