The concept of PC makers making mobile phones in the 80s would completely audacious, but there is always the ‘what if’ question at the back of our mind. Ok, maybe not all of us, but at least one person gave a thought about it and that person is designer Pierre Cerveau. Since the market is beginning to fill with news and rumors about the next iPhone, he decided to imagine what an Apple made phone would look like if it had been created in 1984 and the result is nothing short of whimsical and strangely satisfying to look at. His take includes blending the iconic Macintosh boxy element with the dial pad and display of choice of that time.

Apple Macintosh Phone by Pierre Cerveau

The end product is phone reeking with Macintosh styling complete with the mandatory rainbow-colored Apple branding around the back of the phone. The concept device features a CRT-like display, a rotary dial, serial cable charging port, and rounding up with a generous 512kb storage. Obviously, this is not a real thing and no one in the right mind will bring this to life, but it is an interesting take that appeals like, you know, how those posters of Mars tourism did. If you don’t already know, there is something particularly attractive about turning modern ideas and translating them into what if the people of the past had this? Perhaps that’s why The Flintstones was such a hit back in the 60s and had countless reruns right up to the 80s.

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Apple Macintosh Phone by Pierre Cerveau

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