If you are fan of Audi, this piece of news will put a smile on your face. If you adore TOMS, you’d be smiling too. You should be thrilled if you are a fan of both cos’ Audi and TOMS have come together to release a limited edition Alpargata shoe that will be available to Audi buyers during this summer’s Audi Sales Event. Starting from June 03 through to August 04, you will be offered a pair of this exclusively-designed TOMS kicks when purchasing or leasing a new or Certified pre-owned Audi vehicle. And you’d be doing something pretty awesome too cos’ while you are enjoying your new Audi ride and the new pair of delightful shoes, TOMS is committed to an One for One giving program where it will provide 55,000 shoes to children in need this summer. Meaning, you buy a pair, TOMS gives a pair to a child in need.

Audi x TOMS Limited Edition Alpargata Shoe

As for the shoes, they are of classic slip-on design, made of ash gray coated canvas and features red stitching detail. On the inside, you will find Audi rings on the red inner lining, as well as on the outside tag. Price has yet to be announced but judging from TOMS’ current catalog, we’d say it will fall between 55 and 90 bucks. Seriously, don’t quote us, though, it’s just harmless speculation on our part. In any case, they shouldn’t break your bank. The shoe is available in adult, for both men and women, and children (baby and kids).

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Audi x TOMS Limited Edition Alpargata Shoe

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