Can you imagine eating ketchup on its own? Like, you know, as a food without any other food? If your answer is yes, then Archie McPhee Ketchup Flavored Candy Canes is a must-have for you this Christmas.

Archie McPhee Ketchup Flavored Candy Canes

You heard that right, my friends. America’s favorite condiment that is almost blasphemous to be eaten with hot dogs is now found candy cane, or at least taste of it is on candy cane.

I simply cannot imagine the taste, to be honest. I guess it should be fine. Maybe? I mean, it is ketchup is sweet as candy should, right? I don’t know. In retrospect, why would anyone do that (make ketchup candy canes)???

Archie McPhee Ketchup Flavored Candy Canes

Then again, Archie McPhee is no stranger to exotic taste candy canes. If ketchup does not please your taste bud, perhaps Mac & Cheese will? Or perhaps, a pickle, or maybe even bacon-flavored candy canes will?

I pretty sure folks with exotic taste bud will appreciate what Archie McPhee is doing here. Or just folks who trying to upset someone’s Christmas. Either way, Ketchup Flavored Candy Canes and other exotic flavored candy canes are here if you want ‘em.

Archie McPhee Ketchup Candy Canes comes in a set of size red and white candy canes, each 5-1/4” tall, and each pack sells for US$6.50.

Images: Archie McPhee.

Source: Technabob.

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