ARKCANARY has an iPhone dock built into its shelf

ARKCANARY action shot 544x270px
(image credit: ARK) ARKCANARY iPhone/iPod Dock Shelf | US$tbc |

we have seen iPhone/iPod dock integrated into table, so now, how do you like your iOS devices to dock to your book shelf? well, from the guys who brought to you the chunky iPhone 4 case, comes the ARKCANARY, an iPhone/IPod dock integrated into shelf. what looks like an ordinary shelf has a dock for your iPhone/iPod complete with flushed digital LED clock at the front of the shelf, a pair of stereo speakers and subwoofer.

if non-mobility and integration are the key aspects for your home deco, the ARKCANARY could be the furniture dock of choice. however, no further info on the actual specs of the speaker system or the actual dimensions of the shelf are available at this point. unfortunately, it is still a ‘coming soon’ product and there are no words on its final pricing to date.

ARKCANARY close-up 544x180px

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