The recent debate over whether a seemingly nondescript dress is black and blue or white and gold revealed that people perceive colors very differently. It was a sudden revelation, even to experts, and it goes to show how hard it is to visually identify colors. While that might seem like a minute issue, it is a big deal to those who repaint cars that are being repaired where choosing the right color is imperative, so that the work will turn out professional. Of course, newer automobiles wouldn’t have such problem cos’ there is always manufacturers to turn to for an answer to the color used, but for older rides, a gadget such as the Axalta AcquirePlus EFX Hand-held Spectrophotometers would make color dispute a thing of the past.

Instead of color matching visually with a “possible” color chart, all you need is to place the AcquirePlus EFX near to the damage area of the vehicle and it will pick up the color and effect characteristics at multiple angles, deriving the color. In the event that the color to be matched is not of standard formula, the color matching software will automatically adjust the formula to provide the closest match possible. Furthermore, an internal light source in the device ensures the color matching will consistence regardless of the lighting condition of your workshop. One could argue that a device such as the AcquirePlus EFX could be deem ‘frivolous’ but the fact is, it will get the job done with accuracy and way faster.

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Axalta’s spectrophotometers are branded as ChromaVision and ChromaVision Pro from Cromax, Genius II and Genius iQ from Standox, and ColorDialog spectre and ColorDialog Delta-Scan from Spies Hecker. It is being marketed as Acquire RX and AcquirePlus EFX in the U.S., Latin America and Asia Pacific. Pretty cool stuff. And one that we could describe as stuff of the future. Axalta said it is offering these advanced tools to body shop operators as part of the firm’s extensive color tool choices. If you happen to be one of the shop owners, you can touch base with Axalta to find out more, or if you are refinishing your car, as your workshop folks about such device.

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