Beppu City Spamusement Spa and Amusement Park Project

Spamusement Is where You Get To Soak In Hot Spring On A Roller Coaster

Vacationing is all about opportunity cost. Meaning, you have to chose one activity over another at any one time. For example, if you want to relax at a hot spring, you will have to forgo the excitement and thrill of amusement park. But soon, in Beppu city on the island of Kyushu, you can have the cake and eat it as far as spa and amusement park is concerned. This means that you can enjoy the relaxing hot spring, AKA onsen, Beppu city is known for while screaming your lungs out on a roller coaster ride. To be clear, we are talking about doing both things simultaneously, not one activity after another. And that, folks, is the ingenuity behind the idea of Spamusement which, as the name suggests, is a spa and an amusement park hybrid that will be realized in the city of Beppu city.

Beppu City Spamusement Spa and Amusement Park Project
A taste of what one can expect of Spamusement

Though, to be honest, we are not sure how relaxing it would be when you are be hurdled down a steep coaster track. I guess that would be the new age funcitement? Something like that. Anyways, the project, aptly called Beppu City Spamusement Park Project, has the mayor’s blessing. The mayor, Yasuhiro Nagano-san, even appeared on a video posted last month, appealing to the Internet that if the video on the Spamusement concept gets a million view, he will make Spamusement a reality. Not surprisingly, the video hit a million views in just days and as promised, the mayor responded days within the video reaching the set view goal, announcing that Spamusement will be a reality.

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So, are you ready to get cosy in hot spring water and being treated to a spectacular view of the Beppu city while being ferried around on a Ferris Wheel? No words on when this innovative amusement park concept will be ready, but one thing for sure, many avid spa and amusement park lovers, along with curious visitors, will be looking forward to it. Said video after the break.

Images: PR Times/Beppu City.

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