steampunk does not equates or remotely related to industrial design but like all things awesome, it doesn’t hurt a bit to combine a bit of both (do note that steampunk is frictional while industrial design is very real). though we thought steampunk and industrial design makes an unlikely fit together but this is where the Bicycle Silver Steampunk Playing Cards excel in. based on the acclaimed bronze edition steampunk playing cards, the rustic metal gears trademark to steampunk culture continues to turn but this time, in high gloss reflective silver. each deck is proudly made in the USA at The United States Playing Card Company and features air-cushioned finish, beveled edges, sandwich construction and a silver foil printed package. the Silver Steampunk contains original steampunk-influence artwork on Ace of Spades, Joker, back design, as well as the tuck and the box itself is embossed in polished, metallic contours, which will make a super cool addition to your steampunk collection. the Bicycle Silver Steampunk Playing Cards can be yours for $5.99 a pack.

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