We know one day we will see an electric BMW two-wheeler and today was almost the day. The German motorcycle maker has brought out a prototype that feels more like a Frankenstein of its vehicles. So much so that we already imagined the engineer putting the final touches on the prototype, exclaiming “it’s alive!”

Meet the BMW Motorrad E-Power Prototype. Before we go on, let it be known that we find no official press release. Apparently, Beemer had chose to show off the prototype to a few European motorcycle journalists.

BMW Motorrad E-Power Prototype Electric Bike

There’s no press release or whatsoever, and so, we are pretty much relying on source (who weren’t part of entourage, btw) for the information.

Not a lot is known in terms specifications. What we do know that it is has a 13 kWh battery that support some sort of fast charging and power is transfer to the rear wheel via shaft drive.

Now comes the Frankenstein part of this electric beast.

Apparently, the battery was from a BMW 2 Series plug-in hybrid, the swing arm was from a BMW R1200RS, while the motor was pulled from a BMW 7 Series and it had a BMW S1000R front end (which explains the rather unspectacular look). On top of those, the electric two-wheeler was cobbled together from a variety of spare parts of unspecified donor vehicles.

BMW Motorrad E-Power Prototype Electric Bike

As far as performance goes, the prototype has a modest 110 miles (177 kilometers) range, 1,500 Nm (1,000 lb-ft!) on the tap, makes 0-60 in just 2.9 seconds and it has an electronically limited top speed of just 100 mph (160 km/h).

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The E-Power Prototype is, obviously, a prototype and thus, it is a little rough on the edges. That said, the final product will definitely not look like an electric twin of the S1000R. We are expecting it to be a lot sleeker and also have more range and possibly a more compact battery system (and probably not one pulled from a car).

One thing for sure is, don’t expect it to pop up in the market anytime soon. It could take several years before we see a production-ready BMW electric motorcycle. We do, however, expect to see prototype hitting up auto shows between now and then.

BMW Motorrad E-Power Prototype Electric Bike

Images and source: electrek.

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