Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder

The use of super glue has some correlation to stress. Why? Because we are always racing against time to align the broken pieces before the glue hardens, which usually occurs in a matter of seconds and on top of that, we run the risk of getting our fingers stuck together (or worst, glued to the object itself) in the process. But those issues are non existence with Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder, because this little syringe-like guy here is not a glue (even the website URL tells you that). Touted as the world’s first liquid plastic that cures only when exposed to UV light, it uses the same principle behind heat-free 3D pen like CreoPop. This means you will have all the time in the world to align whatever needed to be mend before bonding them together.

You get started by wiping the surface to be bonded clean, apply the liquid resin and once you’re satisfied with the alignment, just blast it with the UV light and it will harden in around four seconds. Unlike glue, it won’t dry out if you forget to cap it and also it works with a range of materials, including wood, plastic, and even fabrics. Yes. Even fabric stuff like nylon. And its use is not restricted to bonding; it can also be use to “recreate” broken parts like cable connector’s shell. But that will required multiple layers, much like what you will do when creating with 3D pen, and in its hardened form, it can be sanded to further fine tune the bond. The Bondic starter kit goes for just $21.99, which sure sounds like a good deal if it means we will never have to race against time ever. And we’re pretty sure anyone who glues stuff together often will concur with us. Keep going for a hilarious product promo video that involves, well, James Bondic.

via Oh Gizmo!