BOOK/VOLUME case for the new iPad

BOOK/VOLUME case for iPad
(photos: Nedrelow) BOOK/VOLUME case for iPad | from US$59.00 |

our search for the one true case for iPad never end. we have simple criteria: it has to be unique and functional at the same time. unique as in, it won’t look like the flood of similar-looking cases in the market and functional means ample protection, and perhaps, even masquerading your treasured tablet. the BOOK/VOLUME case for iPad you see here, is just one that fits our simple criteria. handcrafted using the finest booking materials, the BOOK/VOLUME case features embedded magnets hidden within its cover for closure, as well as taking advantage of iPad 2 and the new iPad’s magnetic sleep/wake functionality. it offers ample protection for your iPad, while masquerading itself as a slim profile traditional bound book. to those who know you, you are protecting your iPad with awesome style and for those who doesn’t, it looks like just another book, which also helps to keep away any potential thieves. the VOLUME is bound with buckram, while the BOOK is bound with natural linen/cotton book cloth. the BOOK and VOLUME case for the new iPad cost $59 and $69, respectively.

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