Want the immersion of virtual reality but don’t want a gadget strapped to your head? A few years ago, this contradicting demand may sound absolutely ridiculous but hey, we are in the future now and so it is totally possible.

Brelyon 8K OLED Virtual Monitor

The Brelyon 8K OLED Virtual Monitor aka Ultra Reality display will let you do just that. Brelyon Ultra Reality promised the immersive visuals of a VR headset without the need to wear anything on your head and cover your face:

“The Ultra Reality™ display is the first desktop monitor to offer conformal monocular depth. This relaxes the ciliary muscles of the eyes providing you large depth range with massive field of view emulating a panoramic 122” virtual screen on your desk; perfect for immersive visualizations and long operating hours.”

Brelyon 8K OLED Virtual Monitor

Think of it as a middle path between a VR headset and a regular monitor. The contraption looks like an oversize VR headset but without the head strap.

It looks deceptively small but its 30-inch aperture serves as a virtual window to an astounding 122-inch virtual image with a depth profile that is to be so natural to the eyes that it “relaxes the ciliary muscles of the eye compared to flat monitors.”

Brelyon 8K OLED Virtual Monitor

This, said Breylon, reduces the vergence stress, thus enabling comfortable extended use. The display further boasts active ambient noise suppression and spatial audio for complete immersion.

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I know. The device may sound oh-so-surreal but It is real hardware you can buy, btw. Well, at least, it is for enterprise customers. The early access program for the Ultra Reality display starts at US$20,000. Ouch. Individuals who have the money to drop, may pre-order. A 50% refundable down payment is expected.

You can learn more about this intriguing display solution HERE.

Brelyon 8K OLED Virtual Monitor

Images: Brelyon.

via TechCrunch.

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