If you like cosplay, you will know that your bag of belongings never matches your costume, but you won’t have this issue if you decided to dress up as one of America’s earliest superhero, Captain America, specifically the Civil War getup because with the Captain America Civil War Distressed Shield Backpack, you’d have a shield to complete your Cap look while having all the storage space you need for your belongings. Looks like you will be one step Cap in terms of logistics and every knows how hard it is to beat Cap in anything. The beauty of this backpack is, it does not look like one. From the back, it is really Cap’s vibranium Shield, distressed for that authentic battle-worn look which should let everyone know not to mess with you as you have “actually used it.”

Captain America Civil War Distressed Shield Backpack

Though, in reality, vibranium it is not; instead it is of hard plastic that will protect your belongings within and not you from bullets. Probably a good thing, cos’ you surely won’t want 12 pounds on your back, or do you? Also, you shouldn’t be throwing it at your arch nemesis either, cos’ obviously, it is not coming back. Look up Tony Stark if you want that functionality, but as it is, it is not going save you from being ridden by leads and neither will it boomerang back. It does have its practical side because, it is a bag and well padded one too, to look like Cap’s uniform.

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Other notables that will leave Steve Rogers green with envy include a top handle for easy grab and go, adjustable straps that look like Cap’s uniform gear things, a dual zipper main compartment, two small accessory pockets, and finally, a padded laptop/tablet pocket with adjustable strap and hook-and-loop closure. Captain America Civil War Distressed Shield Backpack is dreamed up the geeky dudes over at ThinkGeek and it is, of course, officially licensed. If you are up for it (don’t tell me your age, really), you can pick on up from ThinkGeek for a discounted price of $49.99.

And we have no idea why is this dude not in front of a Helicarrier…

Captain America Civil War Distressed Shield Backpack

Images: ThinkGeek.

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