EcoloBlue Atmospheric Water Generator for Home

This Amazing Cooler-like Machine Will Turn Air Into Drinking Water

Despite Earth’s 70% is covered by water, water remains a precious resource and as such many do not have access to clean, potable water. However, wherever you may be, there’s actually a water source which didn’t see. It is in plain sight, really, but invisible to our naked eyes. So where? Well, it is in the air, in the form of humidity and this machine you see here, EcoloBlue Atmospheric Water Generator, is the thing that will pull water from the air, so to speak, and turn it into water that’s not only drinkable, but good for your body. What this means is, you will have water all the time, well, that’s provided that the humidity at the location you are in is at least 35 percent.

EcoloBlue Atmospheric Water Generator for Home

This also means, unlike conventional water purification device, this machine need not to be near water source (though it totally can if you so choose to); all it needs it electricity and you pretty much all set. While the air-to-water seems much like an act of voodoo, it is actually very scientific. An electrostatic air filter and condenser coils extracts water from the air while preventing micro-particles and dust from tagging along. In addition, a comprehensive filtration system, along with UV lamps, ensures the purest water possible. But it didn’t stop there.

The machine is totally capable of offering water as hot as 203 degrees, suitable for soup, coffee, tea and whatnot, and if desired, as cold as 39 degrees too. There’s even options to produce sparkling water and water alkaline with pH of 10. So, whether you are concerned with the drinking water quality, or you live in an area where water is scarce, or there’s a water restrictions, EcoloBlue Atmospheric Water Generator guarantees you drinkable water.

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However, the treat of awesome drinking water anytime requires a hefty investment first, which you are looking at anywhere between $1,299 and $1,699.

Images courtesy of EcoloBlue.