Brik Tile LEGO Compatible Wall Tiles

A plain white wall is super dull and frankly, a waste of space. Fortunately, avid home interior decorators are not lacking of ideas to make use of this blank space but today, thanks to Jolt Team, the outfit behind the LEGO compatible MacBook case, your blank wall could be a canvas for creativity for both kids and grown ups alike. Jolt Team has taken its Brik Case idea and turned it into tiles for the wall, so you could decorate the wall with LEGO bricks to create pixel art, build holders for multitude of small items like business card, mail, pen, sunglasses or even keychain. You could even build small shelves for light weight objects such as your portable gaming device, plush toys and whatnot. Like LEGO, the possibility is pretty much endless.

Brik Tile LEGO Compatible Wall Tiles

Each Brik Tile, as it is called, measures 10 inches by 10 inches and adheres to the wall using temporary adhesive which the company said can be applied multiple times to “almost any smooth surface.” Of course, Brik Tile isn’t limited to walls; it can be applied to doors, dressers, refrigerators or wherever you desire. While versatile, we thought the coolest aspect is the room for creativity. It is essentially a blank canvas for you and your junior to unleash your creativity that Minecraft would be proud. The only caveat we see here is cleaning. Dust is the most awful thing that could happen to those stud cos’ when it settles, it will be a pain in the butt to clean. Then again, the opportunity to express your creativity outside of chalkboard or whiteboard kind of out weighs the con, well, that’s if you are a huge LEGO fan like myself.

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If you are ready to LEGO-lize your wall, you can pick up the Brik Tile LEGO Compatible Wall Tiles off Kickstarter as a pre-order. As for pricing, Brik Tile starts at $15 for a 2-pack starter kit and runs up to a thousand bucks for the 200-pack package. Each kit will comes with each own “Structure Kit” which includes building bricks to get you started.

submitted via TIP US page.