Sister Schubert’s “Tech-savvy” Bread Basket

I am not going to lie: I am a little confused with what baked goods brand Sister Schubert’s try to achieve with this “Tech-savvy” Bread Basket. I am perplex by how a bread basket, which appears to sport a warming base that’s also equipped with a series of charging ports for juicing up smartphones help you “disconnect from technology.” Wouldn’t that encourage the use of the smartphone around the dinning table even more since now at least five person, as it appears, who have ran out of juice, are able to continue using their devices while charging?

Sister Schubert’s “Tech-savvy” Bread Basket

Even more confusing was the statement “uses the very electronic devices that create distractions at dinnertime to keep freshly baked Sister Schubert’s dinner rolls warm.” If that wasn’t confusing you enough, then perhaps, “the devices stay safely tucked away under the basket while being charged” certainly seal the confusion. So, what? The devices are stowed away beneath the very thing that keeps the rolls cozy warm? If so, wouldn’t that be harmful to the devices, you know, with all the heat? At this point, we are going to ignore that statement and assume the earlier statement as the act of charging the device prevented users from using them.

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If so, then Sister Schubert’s would be too naive to think so. People love using their phone even when it is in the process of being pumped with juice. Honest confusion aside, Sister Schubert’s “Tech-savvy” Bread Basket is no doubt novel, though we wouldn’t go to the length to describe it as “tech-savvy.” Wait, we are confused with another thing. According to the official PR text, a handful of this warming bread basket prototypes exist but there’s no conclusion on how or where one can acquire it. This is probably the weirdest thing we have read all day and we felt even weirder writing about it. Think we may have fell into the rabbit hole somehow.

Images: Sister Schubert’s.