I read the product description. But, TBH, I am still not entirely sure how this unique Carved Mango Wood Smartphone Stand can help to empower women in anyway. Was it carved by craftswomen? It didn’t say so. But that does not stop us from admiring this super dope smartphone stand. It is definitely a refreshing take from the hordes of plastic stuff we see. Hell, it even beat many wood examples in the market because, hand carved wood.

The Carved Mango Wood Smartphone Stand stands out (no pun intended, I swear) with its intricate floral tree carving, hand carved using traditional art form by master artisans in India. It is a very grand throne for your smartphone that comes with a groove for the phone to sit on and a couple of openings for charging cords to pass through to the back.

Carved Mango Wood Smartphone Stand

The stand leverages on geometric engineering to form a stable “seat,” but it is not fixed and hence, it can be taken apart easily for easy storage. In case you are wondering about back story of this product, here it is:

“Guided by a deep respect for Mother Nature, Matr Boomie is committed to using eco-friendly and ethically sourced materials. Each product is handcrafted to honor the traditional Indian art forms. Their efforts have provided sustainable employment and ongoing education for over 1,000 artisans throughout India. They hope to empower women and those in marginalized communities by connecting them to global markets, alleviating poverty and promoting sustainability. They also invest in development projects, skills training, healthcare, and more.”

Carved Mango Wood Smartphone Stand

That’s the third time I read that and it still did not explain how it is going help in empowering women. Can some care to explain? I guess it isn’t important. What matters is, you help when you grab this awesome smartphone stand and you can do so by picking up one from Lavenger for $49. You can’t get this on Matr Boomie official website, btw.

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Also, if you don’t already know, Matr Boomie is a Texas-based brand that specializes in hand-crafted products. They are on Etsy too. Just thought you may want to know.

Images: Lavenger/Matr Boomie.

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