Cat Knocks Guy Off His Superbike

Cat Remained Nonchalant After “Knocking” Guy On TV Off His Bike

Cats are infamous for being asshats. It is kind of their nature to be one, really. It ain’t a cat if he/she isn’t a total dick. They have no qualms about pulling off the worst pranks ever on you or on his/her fellow furry friends (dogs included). That’s fact. But what you may not know is, some cats have super powers like, for example, this particular feline friend here.

While observing a super bike race (it was the Americas GP, I believe) on TV and he decided to conveniently use his “force” to swipe a racer off his motorcycle. It was a success and judging from his non-reaction after the deed, he probably expect it to be anyways. Now, we usually don’t do this (kind of funny video), but this is too much of a gold not to share.

Image: YouTube (LADbible).

Source: Neatorama.