Cats are infamous for being asshats. It is kind of their nature to be one, really. It ain’t a cat if he/she isn’t a total dick. They have no qualms about pulling off the worst pranks ever on you or on his/her fellow furry friends (dogs included). That’s fact. But what you may not know is, some cats have super powers like, for example, this particular feline friend here.

While observing a super bike race (it was the Americas GP, I believe) on TV and he decided to conveniently use his “force” to swipe a racer off his motorcycle. It was a success and judging from his non-reaction after the deed, he probably expect it to be anyways. Now, we usually don’t do this (kind of funny video), but this is too much of a gold not to share.

Image: YouTube (LADbible).

Source: Neatorama.

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