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Aircraft is basically all things that flies, including Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Toys & Hobbies not included.

you can buy The Cavalon gyrocopter for EUR65000

Auto-Gyro The Cavalon gyrocopter 544x368px
(credit: Auto Gyro via Gizmag) The Cavalon | €65,000.00 |

another exciting announcement for those who are rich enough for personal flight. i am talking about you being the pilot and not as a passenger. announced recently and showcased during the recent Aero Friedrichshafen 2011 is The Cavalon gyrocopter from Germany-based Auto-Gyro. for the uninitiated, the history of gyroplane dated back to 1923 when the father of gyroplane, Juan de la Cierva, flew his “auto-gyro” for the first time. Continue reading you can buy The Cavalon gyrocopter for EUR65000

dream of flying? you can, with the FlyNano for $36,000

FlyNano 900x550px
FlyNano | from €25,000.00 |

no, the FlyNano is not a concept. it is a real flying machine that weighs under 70 kg. you read that right. this aircraft weighs less than me. how is that possible? but the truth is, it is a reality now. the brain behind the breakthrough FlyNano personal air transport is Aki Suokas, an aviation consultant, flight designer and enthusiastic pilot. ten years ago, Suokas envisioned a new flight design that would weight less than 70 kilos and today, this dream is being realized. Continue reading dream of flying? you can, with the FlyNano for $36,000

this gyrocopter is inspired by sports cars and motorcycles

Kocyba Fliege Supergiro 544x368px
(credit: Daniel Kocyba)

a picture is worth a thousand words. case in the point: the Fliege – Supergiro gyrocopter featured here. one look, you will known it is personal and it is a helicopter of sort. need we say more? designer Daniel Kocyba cited his inspirations from sports cars and motorcycles. the pilot’s seat form the main part of the aluminum frame while information (presumably, the aircraft essential info) will be projected to the pilot’s helmet. yes, the pilot will have to wear a helmet. overall, it is a gorgeous aircraft but i got a hunch that it will remain as a concept. the blades up there does look a little too threatening to our heads. don’t it? Continue reading this gyrocopter is inspired by sports cars and motorcycles

$60 million iPad controlled Gulfstream G550 Visions Edition

Gulfstream G550 Visions Edition (concept) 544x288px
(credits: Stefan Radev)

we have seen iPad being integrated into yacht and automobile, but one integrated with an aircraft? it gotta be the first. seriously, do you trust an iPad-controlled aircraft? for me, it’s a yes as long it doesn’t fiddles with the flight control. conceived up by Spain-based industrial designer Stefan Radev, this reportedly $60 million Gulfstream G550 concept had a makeover that ranges from the exterior livery to the luxurious interior design. Stefan Radev called it the Visions Edition. Continue reading $60 million iPad controlled Gulfstream G550 Visions Edition

the next time you spot a seagull, it could be a robot

FESTO Smart Bird 544x338px
(credit: Festo)

now, it is not only hummingbird that we must be aware of. the next seagull you spot could be a flying robot. the upside is, it won’t poop on you indiscriminately or a take a bite off the food from your picnic basket, but the downer is, it could be spying on you. Festo has just unveiled the next generation of flight, dubbed the Smart Bird, which mimics a real flying seagull. you won’t believe how real it is to the real seagull. check out the video clip after the break to witness it for yourself. constructed out of ultra-light weight materials such as carbon fiber and sensitive control electronics, this piece of magnificently engineered bird weighs in at just 450 grams. strictly speaking, it weighs much lesser than your iPad 2. Continue reading the next time you spot a seagull, it could be a robot

modern turboprop turns into surveillance aircraft

Beechcraft AT-6 Surveillance and Light Attack Aircraft 544x256px
(image credit: Hawker Beechcraft)

sometimes, for the sake of efficiency we have to take a step back in terms of technology. not everything that’s sleek, mean and shiny can be as efficient. this is exactly what the U.S. Air Force has realized with the operations in Afghanistan. USAF uses the A10 to provide battlefield surveillance and close air support to friendly troops which means expending valuable flying hours in an airspace that’s predominantly uncontested. so the idea is to use an aircraft that has the same capability but with a lower cost of operation. the answer is a modern day turboprop trainer aircraft that has an uncanny resemblance to a World War II fighter aircraft. Continue reading modern turboprop turns into surveillance aircraft

Space Debris Collector is the zero-gravity garbage collector

Space Debris Collector main 544x368px
(image credit: Vaughan Ling)

100 years ago, when human glanced up the night sky, what we saw are purely stars (unless you count the possibility of UFOs lingering around). fast forward to 2011, when glance up at the gorgeous night sky, what we see might not be just stars. they could be reflection of garbages in space. no joke. it might just be very real and these ‘garbages’ could be the results of decommissioned or abandoned satellites, rocket parts jettison off from some mission and among many other sources. we are not excluding the possibility of some litter bug aliens too… nah, we are just kidding. anyway, over the years, we have accumulated much junks in the space and one day our spaceships might be dodging junks more than meteorites. in short, it could threaten Richard Branson’s dream space tourism, assuming we could get that far. Continue reading Space Debris Collector is the zero-gravity garbage collector

Michael Schratt talked about US govt’s black budget aircrafts

Project Camelot Michael Schratt black budget aircraft 544px
(credit: screenshot by mike)

this is actually second installment of Project Camelot Productions‘ interview with Michael Schratt (click here to catch Part One of the interview), entitled Code Blue. Michael Schratt, self-professed aerospace historian talked about UFO, above top secret and so-called US government’s black budget aircraft. in this lengthy interview by Kerry Cassidy, Michael stressed that most of the so-called UFO sightings might have been some top secret government aircrafts and if this is so, he hopes that these future tech that the government possessed could be be declassified and the technologies shared to improve humanity’s life. wow. running through the video, Michael picked up a few examples of the probable black project aircrafts, some seems to be really technologically mind-boggling, while some were just plain weird or alien-like. go ahead and catch the video after the break, but be warned, this video interview will take an hour and eleven minutes of your life away. Continue reading Michael Schratt talked about US govt’s black budget aircrafts

unmanned aircraft in the guise of a hummingbird [video]

AeroVironment Nano Hummingbird main 544x388px
meet Nano Hummingbird, the world’s first unmanned aircraft in guise of a hummingbird. developed by AeroVironment, the Nano Hummingbird is part of the Phase II contract awarded by DARPA to design and build a flying prototype “Hummingbird-like” aircraft for the Nano Air Vehicle or NAV program. Continue reading unmanned aircraft in the guise of a hummingbird

ever thought of what you will be flying come 2025?

NASA Lockheed Martin 544x311px
(image credit: NASA/Lockhead Martin)

apparently, NASA wants to decide for you. sometime last year, NASA awarded contracts to three teams over at Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Boeing to conceptualize a plane for 2025. of course, as you would have expected, NASA has some requirements for the teams to work on includes achieving air speed of 85 percent of the speed of sound, has a range of approximately 7,000 miles and carry between 50,000 to 100,000 pounds of payload. other goals include lesser noise, cleaner emission and lower fuel consumption than the current aircraft. Continue reading ever thought of what you will be flying come 2025?