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Aircraft is basically all things that flies, including Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Toys & Hobbies not included.

Terrafugia TF-X Vertical Take-Off Flying Car

the fantasy of flying car grips us. we fall prey to this desire to get our cars into the sky, thanks to the frustration serves up by constant gridlock and the steady bombardment of this fantasy by sci-fi movies. as flying car inches towards reality, we are also quick to realize something: do we really have the luxury of runway to take off and land as we wish? probably not and that’s why, in future, there will be the Terrafugia TF-X Vertical Take-Off Flying Car. conjured by the very same people who gave you the Transition flying car, the TF-X is designed to land and take off vertically like a helicopter and requires just helipad or a parking lot to do so. Continue reading Terrafugia TF-X Vertical Take-Off Flying Car

Eurocopter EC145 BRABUS Limited Edition Livery

we probably won’t get there and so, we will never understand why should one pimp up their personal chopper like we did to our down-to-earth four-wheelers. if you happen to spend more time being zipping through the sky more than rolling on solid ground, then we suppose it’s only a logical progression that you might want your sky ride to have that unique look. it is like pimp my ride, the heli chapter, and if you happen to own one of these beauties, the Eurocopter EC145, then you are in for a treat. the BRABUS Limited Edition Livery by BRABUS Private Aviation presents an option to make your EC145 chopper stands from the rest. Continue reading Eurocopter EC145 BRABUS Limited Edition Livery

senseFly eBee Autonomous Ultralight UAV

thanks to the advancement in radio controlled aircraft, aerial photography/videography has never been easier but there’s a catch here: not everyone has the right skill set to maneuver a flying machine, much less getting it to go precisely the way you wanted. this is where an autonomous UAV like the commercially available senseFly eBee Autonomous Ultralight UAV can help. measuring just 96 centimeters (about 38 inches) across and tipping the scale at a mere 630 grams (1.4 lbs), the eBee (an oddly named aircraft, if we might add) can take to the sky for up to 45 minutes on its lithium polymer battery pack Continue reading senseFly eBee Autonomous Ultralight UAV

Hirobo HX-1 Personal Electric Helicopter

Hirobo HX-1 Personal Electric Helicopter
Hirobo HX-1 Personal Electric Helicopter | ¥10 million |

pulling your hairs over the ever frustrating traffic condition? well, that might be a thing of the past if the Hirobo HX-1 Personal Electric Helicopter becomes a reality, commercially. Hirobo, a company best known for its radio controlled helicopters, is not the usual firm that you expect to develop a full-scale man-piloted machine but here it is, the HX-1 that looks more like a vehicle of choice for Bond than a personal transportation and an emergency relief vehicle it was designed for. this coaxial one-seater vertical takeoff flying machine is capable of achieving 97 km/h (60 mph or around 52 knots) for a duration of up to 30 minutes. Continue reading Hirobo HX-1 Personal Electric Helicopter

Lehmann Aviation LA100 UAV

Lehmann Aviation LA100 UAV
Lehmann Aviation LA100 UAV | €990.00 |

dreaming of taking your videography and/or photography to a new height but don’t have budget to engage a pilot (and an aircraft) to do so? well, we have good news for you: the Lehmann Aviation LA100 UAV might just be what you are looking for. priced at €990 a piece (about US$1,280), this sleek piece of videographer/photographer toy is touted as the first flying platform for GoPro users and is designed to piggyback a GoPro Hero 3 action cam (or two). what’s particularly interesting about this boomerang-shaped UAV is, it is fully autonomous. Continue reading Lehmann Aviation LA100 UAV

Pininfarina Edition Agusta AW139 Helicopter

Pininfarina Edition Agusta AW139 Helicopter
Pininfarina Edition Agusta AW139 Helicopter | US$tba |

Italian coach builder Pininfarina is no stranger to the world of automotive and its name is often synonymous with the epitome of luxury and design excellence. so you will expect the same refinement whatever the Italian automotive designer have their hands on. one such example is the Pininfarina Edition Agusta AW139 Helicopter. to be fair, the twin Pratt & Whitney PT6C-67C powered, five-rotor Agusta Westland AW139 isn’t the newest of new aircraft but with an interior souped by the legendary Italian firm, you can expect nothing less than the ultimate in luxury and style. Continue reading Pininfarina Edition Agusta AW139 Helicopter

Aerofex Hoverbike

Aerofex Hoverbike | US$85,000.00 |

well, what do you know? we could be zooming across a variety of terrains with ease on a hovering piece of machine in a not-too-distance future. the concept of a personal air transport powered by dual ducted rotor, layout in fashion similar to a motorbike is not new and apparently such a seemingly crazy (but exciting, no doubt) idea was born as early as in the 1960s. now, a California-based firm Aerofex is working hard to bring it back to life by resolving the issues that the scientists and engineers of the 60s had failed to address. Continue reading Aerofex Hoverbike

Lisa Airplanes AKOYA

Lisa Airplanes AKOYA
Lisa Airplanes AKOYA | US$tba |

supply and demand is a beautiful thing, and it is because of this correlation that we started to see small firms sprouting up and turning out light personal air transports that doesn’t cost an arm or a leg. supply comes from brilliant engineers and entrepreneurs with dare-to-do attitude, developing better but cheaper aircraft to enable near-regular folks to take to the sky. the demand, on the other hand, is the result of the frustration over the ever increasing congestion we meet on day-to-day basis, spurring us to look towards the sky for solutions. Continue reading Lisa Airplanes AKOYA

Schiebel CAMCOPTER S-100 UAS

Schiebel CAMCOPTER S-100 UASSchiebel CAMCOPTER S-100 UAS | US$tba |

thinking about going serious in your movie-making career? then perhaps, the Schiebel CAMCOPTER S-100 UAS could be an worthy investment. this Austrian-made unmanned aerial vehicle is not new but despite its military intend, it has recently proven itself that it is equally capable for a more peaceful role, such as getting a video rig up into sky to capture glorious, crisp and stable aerial shots for entertainment purposes. this unmanned air system, as Schiebel has called it, was integrated with CINEFLEX camera, a gyro-stabilized cinematography camera and had successfully executed a few days of shoot over in Austria. Continue reading Schiebel CAMCOPTER S-100 UAS

Pal-V One Flying Car

when George Jetson graced the tube in his flying vehicle contraption, it tickled our imagination of a flying car. of course, this concept aren’t new as the world has seen quite a handful of attempts in making flying car a reality from as far back as 1917, but mostly did so looking too much like an aircraft than a car and without much obvious success. however, the Dutch-built Pal-V One has inched one step closer to a real flying car by combining a three-wheeled car and a gyrocopter. on the road, it is capable of getting from naught to 100 km/h in less then 8-second and maxing out at a 180 km/h top speed – making it totally capable of traveling side by side with any regular vehicles on today’s road while not looking out of place. Continue reading Pal-V One Flying Car