Boeing 747-400 Global SuperTanker Aerial Fight Fighter

With the rising global temperature and longer hot season, the wild fire risk is not getting any lower and when you have a rapid moving fire threatening populated areas, it calls for a super fire fighting machine like an aerial fire fighter. Not just any aerial vehicle though, but one that can drop nearly 20,000 gallons of fire suppressant to stop the fire from spreading like what the Boeing 747-400 Global SuperTanker aerial fight fighter is capable of. With the ability to travel at close to the speed of sound, Global SuperTanker can reach any hotspot within the U.S. in 2.5 hours from its Colorado base, and virtually anywhere in the world in 20 hours.

The key here is rapid deployment and of course, a huge load of suppressant, be it gel, water, or foam. Depending on the situation, Global SuperTanker can dispense the fire suppressant at high attitude or as low as 200 feet (64 meters) and a super slow speed of 145 knots (233 km/h), while still maintaining maneuverability. Interestingly, in the event if the operation is called off, this beastly flying fire fighting machine is capable of landing back to base fully loaded. If know anything about aviation, that’s something regular commercial jet can’t do. Often jets have to resort to dumping to rid of the load before they can even land safety, but this thing here is, like I said, a beast and a beast does what a beast does best: being super tough.

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In all, this aircraft can carry around 19,600 gallons (74,200 liters) of fire fighting retardant. The suppressant can be dropped in a line of three kilometers (about 1.9 miles) long in just 15 seconds, or through adjustments, it can also do partial drop, or segmented drops. Thanks to an advanced pressurized system, Global SuperTanker not offers coverage and brute attack on rapidly spreading fire, but it does so with precision so only areas need to be contained are contained. Onboard, it boasts 14 first-class seats, along with two bunks that cater to long haul mission.

The Global SuperTanker is truly the new-age machine to fight against raging fire and it is one fire fighting aircraft that any fire fighting machine nut should not miss ogling all over. Continue reading to catch the company’s pitch video and also a closer look at it in action.

Image: Global SuperTanker.

via Foxtrot Alpha